Payroll & Payroll Processes

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Payroll & Payroll Processes

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Payroll & Payroll Processes

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The Payroll menu allows you to perform multiple payroll related functions, including the Holiday Calculation, Seniority Calculation, Birthday Calculation, Time Bank Update, Discipline, Assign Hours etc.



Payroll Processes Links

Seniority Calculation

Holiday Calculation

Advance Payroll

Assign Hours

Class Rate Increase

Wage Increase

Birthday Calculation




Tool Bar Options


HTML - Process screen toolbar



R5TBToolBar1 Open saved settings

If you make any changes to previously defined saved settings, you may access them here.


HTML - Save iconSave your settings.

If you make any changes to previously defined settings that you want to be permanent or save a new setting.


HTML - New Report Settting iconNew Report Settings

Click to clear screen of previously saved reports and create a new one.


HTML - Process icon - no borderProcess

When clicked will run the Seniority calculation chosen and present a preview (report) of the update on screen. The hours calculated will also write to the employee’s personnel profile screen.


HTML - Preview Options icon Preview Options

Allows you to choose from the following preview options:


HTML - Preview Options drop-down


HTML - Preview icon no border View the report in PDF format

No processing will occur.


HTML - Report Action iconReport Action

Allows you the option of emailing the report (configuration is required).


HTML - Cancel Report iconCancel Report

Allows you to cancel the running process. Will only be active once processing has begun.


HTML - Filter icon Filter options

Process only the selections made. Example one department, a group of employees or a class.


HTML - Options icon no border Options

The following two tabs will appear allowing you to delete reports, set email options, show report in minutes or use AM PM format etc.


HTML - Report Options tabs




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