Deferred Debit Processing

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Deferred Debit Processing

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Deferred Debit Processing

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The Deferred Debit feature will delay a Time Bank from updating in real time, Attendance Codes can be deferred until next pay roll run.

The Deferred process must be run with every pay period to ensure that all Attendance Codes flagged as Deferred are processed and Time Bank adjusted.


The Deferred not process column shows whether the Attendance Code has been processed and the Time Bank updated.


An example would be not deducting vacation taken from the Time Bank when the Time Off Request is requested, but instead deferring it until the employee actually takes the time off.

The Attendance Code below is configured to be deferred as indicated by the tick box in the Deferred not processed column and has not been processed.

The time taken will be deducted from the Time Bank when payroll is run.


Before Deferred Debit processing – Deferred codes are red.


DDH - Deferred Debit on time card




To access the Deferred Time Bank Debit Process:

Select the Payroll Tools menu.

Select Deferred Time Bank Debit Process.


HTML5 - navigate Payroll Tools Deferred ime Bank Debit Process


This will open the Deferred Time Bank Debit Processing screen.


DDH - Main screen




Calculation Screen Tool Bar Options


For descriptions of the toolbar functions see Payroll & Payroll Processes.






Set the date range you would like to run the process for.

Use the Select Dates (Click on User Defined and populate the Start / End dates) to set a date range or select a Period.

The dates or period selected should start with the first day after the last time the Deferred Debit process was run.


DDH - date selection options


You must define which Deferred Debit Attendance Codes will be processed.

Tick on the All Attendance option to run the process for all deferred Attendance Codes.

If unticked, you may select which Deferred Debit Attendance codes to process from the drop-down list.


DDH - process AC dropdown


If you would like to filter the process, use the Filter icon HTML - Filter icon on the toolbar.

Example one department, a group of employees or a class.


Click on the Preview icon HTML - Preview icon no border before processing to preview the results.

This will produce a report showing what will be processed and posted to Time Banks based on the configurations that have been defined.

On the report it will be noted that this is to be processed.


DDH - preview process


Click on the Processing icon. HTML - Process icon - no border

After the processing is complete, a report will be displayed. This report will show the bank has been updated.


DDH - Report bank updated


This employee's Time Bank shows the Deferred Debit processed.


DDH - Time Bank




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