Birthday Calculation

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Birthday Calculation

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Birthday Calculation

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The StaffScheduleCare system provides a Birthday Calculation feature.


The Birthday Calculation Rule is configured based on the union contract to give employees either hours or dollars credit.


To access the Birthday Calculation:

Select the Payroll Tools menu.

Select Birthday Calculation.


HTML5 - Navigate Payroll Tools Birthday Calc



The icons on the top toolbar function the same as defined for the system. See Payroll & Payroll Processes for saving settings.


The Selected Dates section defines the dates the calculation rule is to be run for.


BCH - Birthday Calculation main screen


To select a Birthday Calculation Rule, click on the drop-down arrow beside the Calculation Rule field.


Select the rule to be applied. For creating a new rule see Calculation Rules Setup.




Save Calculation Rule and Report Setting


The report settings can be saved by clicking on the disk icon to open the Save Report Settings window.

If you make any changes to previously defined settings that you want to be permanent or save a new setting

HTML - Save iconSave your settings.



Enter the name of the settings and an option then click Apply.


HTML - Save Report Settings


To select a saved setting click on the file folder icon for a list of saved settings.





If the calculation rule has been saved, click on the down arrow beside the file folder.

From the list provided select the rule to be used. In this example January Birthday Calculation rule was select.

The rule name is displayed at the top of the processing screen.


BCH - Saved setting


The saved report settings and rule calculations are shown.

Review the Selected Dates section to ensure the dates to be used are correct for the date range required.


BCH - Saved setting details



1.Choose the date or date range to which you wish to apply the calculation. If you wish to choose only one day, the start and end dates should be the same.


2.Click the Preview icon.

HTML - Preview icon

3.Click the Process icon.

HTML - Process icon



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It is a good practice to ALWAYS run the preview report and review before processing.



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