Class Rate Increase

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Class Rate Increase

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Class Rate Increase

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The global Class Rate Increase option enables the system to assign a global increase to all classes or specific classes at the same time.


Select the Payroll Tools menu.

Select Class Rate Increase.


CRH - Class Rate increase


The Class Rate Increase screen will appear:


CRH - class rate increase screen


The Class Rate Increase menu is used if your employees are assigned to Classes and the rates are global for the employees in the classes.


The two key sections of the Class Rate Increase screen are:


1.The Effective Date
All rates in the StaffScheduleCare system are date driven. The date you select here will determine when the increase becomes effective.

2.The Action
What field(s) will you be updating, All rates or a particular rate value (1-10), what Function will you be performing, Add, Subtract, Multiple, etc., and what rate value will you be assigning to your action.

3.Be sure to use the Filter if you are increasing a specific class or classes. If you do not apply a filter, the system will apply the increase to ALL classes.


CRH - Filter  option



Running the Class Rate Increase


The first step will be to determine our Action:


Click on the Plus icon to add a new line.

Click in the Field window to choose which value will receive the increase from the drop-down menu. i.e., All Rates, Rate 1, etc.

Click on the X icon to remove any Actions you do not wish to include.


CRH - field dropdown list of rates

Click on the drop-down in the Function column.

Select your method of updating, i.e., Add, Subtract etc.


CRH  - Functions dropdown list

Click in the Rate/Coeff (multiplicative factor).

Add the value that coincides with your Function, e.g., Add - $0.10. No dollar sign or decimal is needed when completing the field.


Configuration Result


In this configuration setup we see the following rate increase data:


The rate increase Effective Date is June 1, 2021.

The Action is a 0.10 cent increase (add) to all rates.


CRH - Final configuration



Processing the Increase


Once you have configured the Class Rate Increase screen it is time to process your request using the Tool Bar Options Preview and Process.



Click on the Preview icon and review the report. No processing will occur.

HTML - Preview icon no border View the report in PDF format



Once you have reviewed the report and are ready to process the increase. Click on the Process icon.

HTML - Process icon - no borderProcess






flag_green       Key Information  If you do not filter this process ALL classes will receive the increase.




Report Output

In this report we see that the PSW class will receive a $0.10 increase on June 1, 2021 ALL Rates.


CRH - sample report



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