Advance Payroll

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Advance Payroll

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Advance Payroll

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To run an Advance Payroll, follow the instructions below using the Assign Hours feature.


To access Assigning Hours:



Select the Payroll menu.

Select Assign Hours.


HTML5 - Navigate Payroll Assign Hours



The Assign Hours screen will appear:


AHH - Calculatio Rule button







The customer will run Assign Hours function in order to project the hours for the last X number of days of the pay cycle.


Important - The Holiday Calculation should not be run until after the Assign Hours has been completed, or the hours will be overridden



On the day payroll needs to be processed:

1)Confirm all Active Schedules for the last X number of days are as accurate as possible.

2)Within the Assign Hours module select the date range as the last X dates of the pay cycle.

3)Set Formula to Overwrite with Reg Hours Based on Schedule / Shift. (Setup in the Calculation Rule)

4)Within Options select Mandatory Shifts Only and Premiums if Applicable.  (Setup in the Calculation Rule)

5)Run preview. Make any necessary adjustments.

6)Run Process & Preview.

7)Run Time-Earnings Report and audit. Make any necessary adjustments.

8)Export payroll file.


Sample of an Advance Payroll Calculation Rule.

AHH - Calculation Rule


Once the pay cycle date range has passed:

1)Run Approved/Reviewed Exceptions report for past pay cycle date range.

2)Review all outstanding exceptions and document what Time Cards will need to be adjusted.

3)If adjustments are required, the user will adjust the time within the current pay cycle and owe/deduct time from the employee.



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