Attendance Bonus

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Attendance Bonus

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Attendance Bonus

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The Attendance Bonus feature will assign an attendance bonus to employees' Time Cards to pay for having perfect attendance or add bonus hours to their Time Bank.



Select the Payroll Tools menu.

Select Attendance Bonus.


ABH - Att Bonus main screen



Attendance Bonus Tool Bar Options


For a description of tool bar functions see Payroll & Payroll Processes.




Date Range - The period of time the bonus is being given for.

Pay Date – the date that you wish to post the bonus on.

Bonus Pay Code - Attendance Code pay the bonus. Select from the drop-down list.

Bonus Rate – applicable rate for the hours assigned.

Fixed Hours - Define a fixed number of hours that is added to the hours calculated or a fixed number of hours to give as a bonus.

Include – will calculate the bonus hours from the total Reg, OT1 and OT2 hours worked by the employee. (if selected).

As Worked AC - Attendance Code configured that the associated hours are consider Worked Hours. These will be included in the total hours. (i.e., Vacation, bereavement)

Disqualified Attend. Bonus - any Attendance Code that will disqualify an employee from the bonus.

Process AC to approved days - ticked on, this option allows the Bonus Attendance code to be added into a day that has already been approved. (the payroll date day).



Options - Preview


Show Disqualified

Unticked – Preview shows only those employees who Qualified.

ABH - Quaulified preview



Ticked - Preview shows only those employees who do not qualify for the Bonus.

ABH - Disqualified





Make your selections on the Attendance Bonus screen. Use the Options description provided.


Once you have configured how you are paying the Attendance Bonus, click on the Preview (1) icon to review the report.

This will allow you to verify that the outcome of processing is what you intend before actually processing.


When you are ready to process the bonus, click on the Process (2) icon. When completed the system will display a final report.


ABH - toolbar preview process






Sample Processes


Add to Time Card

We set the filter to run for one employee and add a bonus of 0.10 to their Time Card. The Process AC to approved day(s) is ticked on.


ABH - setup for TC


On the Time Card the ABO Attendance Code shows the hours (16.03) and the rate (0.100)


ABH - TC bonus


Ran the month of April Time Earnings Report for this employee.

The Attendance Bonus AC shows an April 29th entry for $1.61. (16.03 hours X $0.10)


ABH - TE Report




Add to Time Bank

If the Bonus Pay Code is an Earned code attached to a bank, then the Bonus hours will be added to the Time Bank when the process is run.

To put fixed number of hours into the employees’ Time Banks, untick the Reg. Hours option. Enter in Fixed hours the bonus hours.

The employees who do NOT have the Disqualifying Attend. Codes will receive the Fixed Hours amount into their Time Bank.


ABH - Add to TB


This employee qualified for the 5 bonus hours. Below the 5.00 hours has been added to their bank.


ABH - TB attendance







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