Seniority Calculation

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Seniority Calculation

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Seniority Calculation

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The Seniority Calculation feature is used to update both the current home class Seniority (year-to-date), Posted Seniority (usually done twice a year), and Worked Class Seniority (a breakdown by ALL classes worked).


For description of toolbar functions see Payroll Processes.



To access the Seniority Calculation menu:


Select the Payroll menu.

Select Seniority Calculation menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Payroll Seniority Calculation


The following screen will appear:


SCH - Seniority Calculation main screen



The options of the Seniority Update screen include:


Life Update Date

If you run the Seniority Calculation after every pay period, this should be the end date of the LAST pay period processed.

Minimum Start Date

This field is only relevant for Seniority that is being updated for the FIRST TIME and should reflect the date corresponding to when you want the calculation to begin.

Using the drop-down arrow, select which option you would like to use as the Start Date.


Choose the item that you need to calculate: Standard Seniority (current), Post Standard Seniority, Work Class Seniority or Post Worked Class Seniority.

You can choose to run multiple processes at once, for example updating Standard Seniority and posting Standard Seniority at the same time.


Note: Please ensure that you are updating BOTH the Standard Seniority AND the Worked Class Seniority each time you run the Seniority Calculation process.


You may filter the Process to specific employees, department or classes using the Filter.


SCH - filter icon



Process Seniority


Define your settings (or chose from the saved settings).

Set your Life Update Date. This date will normally be the last date of the most recent pay period you are updating seniority for.

Click the Preview icon to review before processing.

Click the Process icon to complete the calculation.


SCH - Preview Process icons



Report Output

Once the system has finished processing the calculation a report will preview to screen.


SCH - Sample report


We can see from the example below, that the employee's Standard Seniority was updated in their Employee Profile. Her Active Seniority now shows as 828 Calendar Days.

SCH - Active post update


If we look at the History, we can see that the Seniority was updated but not yet Posted.


SCH - Standard not posted




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