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Assign Hours

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Assign Hours

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This feature allows you to overwrite hours information based on Schedules, manual input or by adding time to hours already present on the Time Card screen.


For a description of toolbar functions see Payroll Processes.



Select the Payroll menu.

Select Assign Hours.


HTML5 - Navigate Payroll Assign Hours


The Assign Hours screen will appear:


ASH - Assign Hours main screen


The Assign Hours screen is divided into six sections:


Chose from one of the three Actions defined below to Assign Hours.

2.Select Dates
To what date(s) are you assigning hours?


Chose to show All, Paid or Unpaid hours.

4.Group By
How would you like to see the details of the report grouped, by Department, Class etc.

5.Print Sequence
How would you like the report to be displayed within the groups, by Employee Name, Number, Other.


6.Calculation Rule

    Click on the drop-down arrow and select the rule to be applied. Please see Calculation Rules setup in the On Line Manual for further details.








When you select this action, you must define the type of hours you wish to write the hours to, e.g., using the Calculation Rules. When processed, the values specified here will overwrite the time currently in the hour’s record of the employee's Time Card.



When you select this action, you will specify what hours are added to the hours currently on the employee's Time Card screen. You must define the rules for this action by using Calculation Rules.



When you select this formula, you will specify what hours are deleted from the hours currently on the employees Time Card screen. You must define the rules for this action by using Calculation Rules.




Assigning Over Time or Premium Hours


You may assign additional hours for an Overtime (i.e., OT1 or OT2) or a Premium (i.e., Prem1 or Prem2.)


Select either OT or Prem.

In the Index window enter the appropriate number (i.e. 1 for OT1)

In the Value window enter the amount of time to be assigned. (Example below: 2:00 for 2 hours.)


ASH - OT Prem options


Assign Hours – Using Bank Overtime to Attendance Code.

If the Calculation Rule is set to Pay OT if Applicable any Daily Overtime, because of Assign Hours, will be converted to the Attendance Code.

Weekly Overtime is not applied by the Pay OT if Applicable option in Calculation Rules. If the Manual Day Rule in Company Profile are turned on, then both Daily and Weekly OT will be converted.




Using the Assign Hours feature


1.Choose the Action that you wish to use to assign the hours.

2.Click on the Calculation Rule drop-down arrow to select the Assign Hour rule to be applied. (See Calculation Rule Setup for description of Calculation Rule.)

3.Choose the date or date range to which you wish to apply the calculation. If you wish to choose only one day, the start and end dates should be the same.

4.Use the Filter to assign hours to a specific employee or group. (i.e., , department or class)

5.Click the Preview icon. HTML - Preview icon

6.Click the Process icon. HTML - Process icon


The system will present the Assign Hours Report to show you the amount of time the employee received. In the example below, the Assign Hours function was used to Add 4.00 hours to an employee.


ASH - Assigned 4hrs report



flag_green       Key Information  

All processes will generate the manual override flag on the Time Card screen.



The Time Card for John Blossom received an additional 4:00 hours. The Manual pencil icon in the Status column now shows.


ASH - Time Card 4 hours


Below is an example of the Calculation Rule set-up paying Premiums.


ASH - Sample Rule


To pay premiums associated with a Day Code, the Calculate Day Code Premiums option must be ticked on the Company Profile.


ASH - Co. Profile Calculate DayCode Premium


Using the above Calculation Rule example, the Overwrite action was run, producing the following report:


ASH - Overwrite report





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