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html5 – GENERAL RELEASE 27.27


Ability to Edit Employee Phone Numbers from Daily Schedule / Wizard Screen  

New feature added in the Daily Schedule and Wizard.  There are now edit Pencil icons beside Phone Number.

C3.a.22 – Daily – Fill Unfilled Shifts

C3.b.2 - Active - Unfilled Shift – Wizard



Self Scheduling - Employee Access to Unbook Shifts

When the employees’ security group is set to No Access to Unbooking under Self Scheduling the Unbook Shift button is disabled on the menu.



Requests Menu - Alter Default Settings Adjustments / Views   

Changes made to: Shift Exchange Request, Time Off Request and Availability Requests. From date default to 1 month and 1 day back from current date.

To date defaults out 60 days from current day. Filter defaults to only Unprocessed ticked on. Sync. to Employee Panel defaults to OFF.



Daily Schedule - Add Full Name & Employee # for Employee in System Comment  

Daily Schedule Comment field now includes employee full name and number.



Master Lines - Add Current Employee Name to Grid

If only one employee is assigned to the line, this field will display the employee's name. For more than one employee assigned the field will display Multiple.

C3.a.2 - Master lines - Creating and Editing



Active Schedule - Highlight Current Day

On the Active Schedule, the date section of the header row is highlighted in a darker blue.
Feature is enabled only for week(s) view. Does not work in calendar mode.



Reports - Include Group Name in 4 Master Schedule Reports  

The Master Schedule Line Group has been added into reports; Schedule by Line, Department Master Schedule Report, and Individual Master Schedule Report as a sortable field and as a data field in the report itself.



HR Tools - Adjust Default Screen Filter Pop-Up  

Removed the mandatory filter that when entering HR Tools / Manage Evaluation and Manage Training. Filter icon (Funnel) has been added to the toolbar.



Employee Detailed Report - add Initial field  

The Initial field has been added to the Employee Fields drop-down list.  Selecting Initials will print on the Detail Report and the Form Layout Report.



Reports - Add Seniority Field to Time Off Planner Report  

New Seniority option added to options. Tick on Display Seniority enables the Seniority type drop-down list. Select the type of seniority to be included.



Mass Messaging Lite - Translate Feedback Responses  

Translate the phone responses so that managers understand exact feedback from employees.

When Mass Messaging Lite sends employees a phone call, the system excepts an answer of either 1 or 2. The system now translates the 1 to Yes and the 2 to No.



Performance Evaluation Widget – Next Evaluation Option

The Employee Evaluation widget has a new option for viewing evaluations required starting with current day, going out 30 days.

The Manage Evaluation filter has a new option to filter the evaluations with a Next Evaluation Date within a 30 day window. The 30 day window is a fixed number of days.

C6.10 - Personnel - Employee Evaluation



Video Release - Course #1 – Welcome Dashboard

A training video on the Welcome Dashboard has been added to the existing video library in the Online Manual. See Videos to view a list of the training video available.



Video Release - Course #3h – Mass Messaging Lite

A training video on how to use Mass Messaging Lite has been added to the existing video library in the Online Manual. See Videos to view a list of the training video available.



Video Release - Course #10.11 – Day Code Configuration

A training video on how to configure Day Codes has been added to the existing video library in the Online Manual. See Videos to view a list of the training video available.



Video Release - Course #11 – Reports

A training video on Reports has been added to the existing video library in the Online Manual. See Videos to view a list of the training video available.



Bulletins - Add Attachments for Employees to view.

Managers can attach documents (i.e., schedules) to bulletins shown on the Welcome Menu. Employee can view the attachment when they open the bulletin.

C1.d.a.5 - Greetings Bulletins Reminders Messages



HR Features - Add Multi Vehicle Option  

The Employee vehicle screen has been changed to allow for multiple vehicles to be assigned to an employee.

Each employee may have more than one vehicle, however, if there are more than one, one must be assigned as the primary vehicle.

C6.1 - Personnel - Human Resource Info / Multiple Vehicles per employee



Phone Number Fields - Preview formatting Hint

On the Personal / Name and Address and the Call-In edit phones, the Cell phone and Telephone fields now have a formatting hint to assist with adding phone numbers. These fields are restricted to 14 characters to ensure entire number is entered.



Tracking List Configuration - Configuration / Setup   

Configuration of Tracking Lists for employees has been added to the Config / Setup options.

C10.51 - Tracking List Configuration / updated navigation & functions



Show Future Master Schedules to Time Off Planner Report  

Add option to have the future master schedules show on the time off planner report.

Click on the Schedules option to enable the show Future Schedule option.



Employee Detail Report - Additional Fields to the Form Layout.  

Fields added to the Employee Detail Form Layout are the Employee User Defined fields under user Defined Fields, Physician contact information under Emergency Contact and employee email address under Personal Information. 



Time Bank Update Report - Compressed Option  

Under Options there is a new feature for a Compressed Layout to reduce the number of pages. The compressed version populates only the date, the bank and number of hours and/or dollars. 

Employees not assigned to bank are not included.



Sorting Levels - Options to Disable Levels   

Sorting levels can be disabled for the Daily Schedule, Wizard Unfilled Shifts and Time Off Planner.

If a level needs to be ignored, it can be disabled on the Sorting Level grid.  Navigate to: Config / Setup / System Rules / Schedule Rules / Sorting Level.



Employee Evaluation Report  

Add options to the Detail screen to include the Weight %, Score % and Score/Edit from the employee's evaluation.



Opt out showing on employee profile  

A new status has been added to the Employee Profile Notification Mass Message drop-down.

The Messaging Service Rejected status will be provide when an employee response NO or STOP to the first confirmation text.

C6.2 - Personnel - Personal Info Details See section on Notification



Reports. New Employee Vehicles Report

Employee Vehicle Report lists all vehicles from the Employee’s profile.

Reports / HR Information / Employee Vehicles. The report allows for filtering by Primary Vehicles



Reports - Employee Manual Rates  

New report to show employees who have manual rates entered in, i.e., who are not following the wage grid. 

Report to only show if there is a manual rate logged in any of the following areas of the Employee Profile.

HR Report - Reports Library



Tracking List. Drop-down in alphabetical sequence  

Found in: Personal / Tracking List / Select List for Tracking List drop-down. The drop-down is now in alphabetical sequence.



Manage Discipline -Change header from Notes to Method Details

On the main screen, the Note column has been modified to read Method Details.
The column is populated from the Employee Profile / Discipline - after a Discipline Process is run.

HR Tool - Manage Discipline



Time Bank Report - Seniority Column  

Seniority option available to include seniority on the report. Tick on the Display Seniority option and select the Seniority type from the drop-down list. Note: Seniority option is not available for OESA Expanded Form or Time Bank Liability report options.

Reports Library



Time Export to Excel - Add Earnings and/or Rates Option  

Two new options have been added to the Time Export to Excel report.

When either check box for Earnings or Rates is turned on, Hours, Overtimes, Premiums, and Attendance Codes columns will have a second column with the appropriate suffix or Rates or Earnings and the value.

Time Attendance Reports Library






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UFM Enhanced and Master Schedule Employee Panel link – Removed

French Localization – Employee Rate displaying incorrect decimal format

Tabulation – Manage Discipline – press TAB twice to move through grid

Day Code Configuration – Clear Department and Class fields to blank not zero

Main topic Menu – Improved font colour

Active Schedule Cell must be selected before booking is allowed.

Mass Messaging - First Shift in grid now only requires one click to select





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