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Human Resources Reports Library

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Human Resources Reports Library

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human resources reports



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tog_minusAbsenteeism Pattern Analysis
tog_minusApplicants Information Report
tog_minusClock Enrollment Report
tog_minusComplement History- Type Tracking
tog_minusDepartment Seniority
tog_minusEmployee Accidents
tog_minusEmployee Benefits
tog_minusEmployee Dependents
tog_minusEmployee Detail Report
tog_minusEmployee Discipline
tog_minusEmployee Evaluation Report
tog_minusEmployee Grievance
tog_minusEmployee Manual Rates
tog_minusEmployee licenses
tog_minusEmployee Skills
tog_minusEmployee Statistics Report
tog_minusEmployee Tracking List Report
tog_minusEmployee Training Report
tog_minusEmployee Turnover Report
tog_minusEmployee Vehicle Report
tog_minusEnd of Probation Report
tog_minusFollow Up Report
tog_minusHR Turnover Report
tog_minusHoliday List Report
tog_minusJob Position Report
tog_minusLabour Status
tog_minusPayroll Balancing
tog_minusSeniority Report
tog_minusSeniority Variance
tog_minusTime Off Planner
tog_minusTime Off Request Report
tog_minusWage Progression Report
tog_minusYearly Attendance


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