Filling Shifts - Daily Schedule

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Filling Shifts - Daily Schedule

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Filling Shifts - Daily Schedule

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The schedules are used to maintain the daily and weekly complement of employees needed in your facility. The Master Schedule consists of lines created and assigned to the employees, which in turn are used to populate the Active and Daily Schedules.


The Daily Schedule is one of the menus that can be used to fill shifts for the current scheduling period that have become unfilled due to employee illness, vacation etc., or shifts that are part of your regular unfilled Master Schedule lines.


Shifts can be filled on the Daily Schedule either with or without using the Call In Mode option. The difference is in the way the system responds to your booking command. With Call In Mode on, a window will appear with phone number(s) for the employees, and options for accepting, declining or leaving a message (postponement) regarding the shift being offered. If you are not in Call In Mode, when you select an employee the booking process is going to immediately assign them to the shift being filled.


Select the Schedules menu.

Select the Daily menu.


DSH - Naavigate to Daily Schedule


The Daily Schedule will appear:


DSH - Daily Main Screen




Filling Shifts using Call In Mode


To activate, click on the Call In Mode icon located on the left side toolbar.


DSH - Call In Mode icon


To keep Call In Mode active:


DSH - Option icon toolbar


Select Options.

Select the Daily tab.

Tick on Use Call In Mode.

Click Apply.


DSH - Use Call in Mode option


Once activated, the Call In screen will be visible either underneath or beside the call-in list, depending on your configuration (also shown on screen capture above).


DSH - Call in mode below call in list




Fill shifts as follows:


1.Click on the unfilled line you need to fill to highlight it. We have selected an unfilled LPN line that is the result of a split shift, as shown below:


DSH - unfilled shifts icon and list



You will notice which shifts are unfilled by the blank Employee Name column, meaning no one is assigned to them. You can tick Show Unfilled Only (icon shown above) to filter to unfilled shifts only.


2.From your call-in list, select the employee who you will be calling by clicking anywhere on the line to highlight it (blue). You will see the employee's phone number(s) appear as described above.

     The Cell Phone and Other Phones fields can be edited directly on the screen.

Click on the Pencil icon.

In the New Phone Number pop-up enter the new number.

Click Save.


The screen will refresh with the new number displayed. This will also update the employee's profile information.


DSH - New phone number window


3.From the Response menu (predefined), select the employee's response.

4.Add a Note (optional).

5.Click Submit.


DSH - Call In to fill shift



6.Click Yes to accept the confirmation message.


DSH - Please confirm submitting


With standard configuration, any call response other than Accept or Decline, will put the employee on the Postponed List:


DSH - Postpone under availability


When employees are postponed, the call will be recorded on the Active Schedule with the phone icon as shown below. Hovering over the icon will display the comment.


SH - Postponed icon on Active


An Accept response will book the employee to the shift and will appear on the Daily Schedule similar to shift shown below, including the manual icon (hand). The colour will be the same as the colour setting of the original unfilled shift.


DSH - accepted shift filled


Similarly, see the same accepted shift on the Active Schedule:


DSH - accepted shift on the Active




Filling Shifts without Call In Mode


Deactivate Call In Mode as follows:


Select Options.

Select the Daily tab.

Ensure Call In Mode is NOT ticked.


DSH - unticked use call in mode on schedule options


Follow the remaining steps described above for Call In Mode, but after selecting the employee to fill the shift, simply click Submit.


DSH - call lin off - fill shift


Click Yes to confirm your submission and the employee will be booked into the shift.


DSH - Please confirm submitting


John Berg is now booked to the shift (below) and will appear on the Daily Schedule with the icon (hand) and colour selected for Manual Shifts.


DSH - filled on Daily


The shift will appear as well on the Active Schedule:


SH - no call in mode filled shift active



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