HR Tool - Manage Discipline

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HR Tool - Manage Discipline

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HR Tool - Manage Discipline

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The Mange Discipline screen allows you to view all employees who have incurred a specific infraction within a selected number of days.

You have the option email notification(s) to employee(s) regarding their discipline.

A print function is available should you need to notify an employee with a written notification.


Select the HR Tools menu.

Select the Manage Discipline menu.


HTML5 - Navigate HR Tools Manage Discipline


The Manage Discipline screen will display.


MDH - main screen


The Discipline Code window provides a list of the disciplinary actions configured. I.e., Verbal warning, Written warning etc.

To select which Discipline Code to view:

Click on the Discipline Code window.

On the drop- down, click on the code


In this example Discipline code 1 Verbal Warning (D1VW) has been selected.


DCH - discipline Code dropdown


To set how many days backwards to display:

Click in the Days window and enter the number of days back.

Click on the Apply button that is now highlighted.


MDH - Days and apply


The following screen will appear showing which employees have incurred this code.

You can increase the number of days into the past to a maximum of 99 days to display more discipline history.


DPH - Set days to view ee's




Detail Button

Click on the Action List icon Notification  of the highlighted line.


DPH - Action icon on ee line


This displays a list of the actions taken and the employee's acknowledgment.


DPH - Discipline Action window




Printable Notification

The printer HTML - Printer icon icon will allow you to view and print a discipline note to give to the employee.


DPH - printable warning



Notify by Email


Using the Notify icon (envelope) you may send an email notification to one or more employees.

To select one employee, click on their line and click the Notify icon.

To select multiple employees, click in the check box. Those lines will be sent email notifications.


MDH - Multi ee selected for email



Click the email option (envelope icon) to notify the highlighted employee by email of the discipline occurrence.


DPH - Email icon Manage Discipline


The system will provide a confirmation that the email was sent.


DPH - Manage confirmation


Sample employee email:


DPH - sample ee email


The employee must click on the StaffScheduleCare link to acknowledge they have received the email notification.

When this is done, the system will update the discipline with the acknowledgment.


DPH - acknowledgment updated





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