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html5 – GENERAL RELEASE 27.21



Mass Messaging List - Employee Information

The Response section has been modified to display the employee's response and profile information. The columns can be sorting ascending or descending.

The Field Visibility option has been added to hid or change column headers.



OESA Time Banks - Restrict New Year Attendance Code

This option should only be turned on if the client wants to use the Next Year column in the OESA Time bank setup and restrict which Attendance Codes can be used for which dates.



Time Bank Config -  Move Carry Over Hours and Dollars - Clearing

Move Hours Carry Over to and Move Dollars Carry Over to fields now have the X button to remove the selected Attendance Code if not required.



Holiday Calculation - Night Shifts Calculation

Calculation Options section. Both new options can be used at the same time with the other options on the calculation rule. These options can also be applied during Assign Hours to define Worked or Not Worked. Worked days based on Majority or Worked Hours and Worked Days based on Worked Holiday AC.

Holiday Rule - Options



Task Scheduler Warning

A warning will pop-up when managers delete a report setting that is being used in a Task Scheduler event.

System still deletes the Report setting. It does not stop the user from deleting. The warning serves as a notice to the user to review the Task Scheduler events. They may either assign a new report setting or delete the event. The user must go to the Task Scheduler and reassign a setting for the Task Scheduler events otherwise, the system will take a default setting instead.



Master Schedules - Group Field Drop Down list

New table in Config / Setup / Additional Tables / Schedules – Master Schedule Groups.  If there are existing Groups that are NOT found on the table, they must be added to the table first and then the Master Line can be assigned. The user may setup the Groups to be used in the Master Schedule and the UFM Enhanced menus.

C10.2 - Additional Tables Configuration See section on Additional Tables.

C3.a.2 - Master lines - Creating and Editing See section on Creating Master Schedule Lines / Column Description.



New Employee Template Default Fields

Fields System Exception Group and Type have been added as Required Fields that cannot be removed on the New Employee Template and Company Profile.

Fields SIN/SSN, Time Bank and Benefits are now options on the Required Field template.

Post software update these fields must be set to Visible to be able to see them.



Reports - Add Union to stand employee list options  

Under the Report / Filters / Employee(s) list - union has been added as an option.



Update From Master - Remove Catch Up function

When doing an update from Master, either Conventional or Enhanced method, the system will not do the catch-up period function. 

C3.a.10 - Active - Updating from Master Schedule Conventional - Conventional method

C3.a.8 - Active - Updating from Master Schedule Enhanced - Enhanced method



Daily Staffing Report - Worked Class Complement

Worked Class field has been added to the Columns drop-down as a selectable option - shown as W.Class.



Daily Schedule - Attendance Code Grid

The Daily Schedule can be configured to display a grid which allows Attendance Codes to be added, modified, or deleted directly from the Daily Schedule main menu.

Validation rules will apply to the changes and the changes reflected immediately on the Time Card and the Active Schedule.

C3.a.20 - Daily - Attendance Code Grid



Keyboard Navigation

Several of the keys on the keyboard have been enabled so you may use your keyboard to navigate the system's grids and menus.

C11.a. 2 - Keyboard Navigation



Mobile App - Time Banks - Display in dollars

An option has been added to the time bank setup to switch the value from hours to dollars.

C7.d.8 - Mobile - View Only Features See section on Time Banks



Requests Menu - Grouping Options

For the Time Off Request, Shift Exchange and Availability Requests, the Group By option now includes Employee, Department and Class.

The grouping level sequence is Status, Request Date, Due Date, Dates Off, Reason, Department, Class and Employee.



Time Off Request Menu - Filter Option

On the Time Off Request main screen, the filter now has a new User option - Not Canceled.

Unticked – Canceled requests will be included. Ticked – Canceled requests are excluded.



Default OT to Earned Time in a Time Bank

On the Shift Rotation main screen, there is a new option: Move Overtimes to Att. Codes.

This option is for Management/Non-Union employees to automatically bank any overtime hours that are generated on the Time Card.

User can choose which Overtimes will be converted to an Attendance Code, and which Attendance Code will be used to bank the time.

C10.29 - Shift Rotation Configuration



Employee - Scheduled Update Date Restriction with No Master Line  

Employees without a Master Line now appear under the Employee grid in UFM Enhanced.

This allows employees without a Master Line to be included as part of the UFM.

C3.a.8 - Active - Updating from Master Schedule Enhanced



Add Acceptor Fields to the Shift Exchange Request Menu.

Fields Acceptor and Acceptor Date are now included on the Shift Exchange Request screen. Also included in the Field Visibility.



TSR - Add Employee Home Complements to Field Visibility  

The TSR screen and Field Visibility now includes the employee’s home Facility, Department, Class, Unit, Task and Master Line.



Time Card - Add in Previous/Next Buttons for Pay Cycle  

Forward / Backward arrows added to the left of the Period Number field have been.

These arrows move the pay cycle ahead or back. The View As option has been moved down a row on the toolbar.

C2.5 - Time Card Setup



Master Lines - Cosmetic Change - Alpha/Numeric Sorting

Master Schedule Menu - the screen sorting sequence of the line names is now: special characters, numbers and alphabetically, regardless of lower or upper case.

The UFM Enhanced uses the same sort. Default line remains the first line before anything else. (including special symbols).



Daily Schedule - Add UNIT to Field Visibility for Call-In List  

Employee home Unit is included in the Field Visibility of the Daily Schedule Call In List.

It's also in the Wizard Unfilled Shifts Call In List, Block Booking and Time Off Planner.





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Task Scheduler - Blank screen if Report Details was opened before navigating to Task Scheduler.

UFM Enhanced and Master Schedule Employee Panel link – Removed.

Yearly Attendance Report - Internal except error.

Tracking List - increased string field maximum saved characters.

Standard Seniority History page – grid loading.

Attendance Code Setup - Filter window stretching / moving.

Attendance Code Setup – Correct filtering for Seniority options

Reports. Filter. Show/Include Inactive Employees.

Overtimes and Premiums Setup - Add Duplicate Record warning





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