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Keyboard Navigation

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Keyboard Key Locations


Several of the keys on the keyboard have been enabled so you may use your keyboard to navigate the system's grids and menus.


The keys available to use within the software are outlined in red in the image below.


KBH - keyboard





Keyboard Keys - Function


Tab Key

TabKey - move to the next column

Shift + TabKey - move to previous column


Arrow Keys

RightKey arrow - move to the next column.

LeftKey arrow - move to previous column.

UpKey / DownKey arrows - move to previous / next row.


Home/End keys

HomeKey or EndKey - move to first / last column in the grid.

Ctrl + HomeKey or EndKey - highlight first or last row of the grid and navigate to it.


Enter Key

EnterKey - activates edit mode for a field.

if already in EDIT mode and the user moves to another editable field, default to edit mode on the new field.




Pressing the Tabkey or RightKey arrow will move to the next field.

The Shift + Tabkey or LeftKey arrow will take you back to the previous field.


The UpKey arrow / DownKey arrow will move the cursor either up or down.



KBH  - Tab a screen





Where enabled in the software you may use the Tab key or arrow keys to move in all directions on a grid.

Press the Enter key to enter data into a field.

HBH - Grid movement






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