Holiday Rule - Options

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Holiday Rule - Options

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Holiday Rule - Options

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Select the Config menu.

Select the Setup menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Config Setup


Select Holiday Groups.


HTML5 - Navigate Holiday Groups


Click on the Holiday Group that you would like to configure the Options for.

Click on the Holiday Rules tab.


HRH - holiday rules options




Holiday Rule Options



Process AC to approved day(s)

Process AC to Approved day(s) allows the credit to be added to the Time Card when the day has been approved.



Worked days based on Majority or Worked Hours

Majority the shift's hours were worked on the holiday, but the hours are credited to the day before. This option will allow the employee's hours to be counted as Worked during the Holiday Calculation.

This allows the manager to disqualify the night shifts worked on the of the Holiday if a majority of the hours do not occur on the actual Holiday day.



Worked Days based on Worked Holiday AC

The employee must have the Worked on Holiday Exception Code on their Time Card, otherwise the system will count them as Non-worked.

The hours for the night shift will not be on the holiday day itself. this allows the Holiday Calculation to look at previous day and count the shift if Worked Holiday exception code is found.



Worked days means Scheduled Days

Used to run holiday calculation in advance with the Worked Shift Before and Worked Shift After options.


Example: payroll is being run in advance on Friday (Run Friday instead of Monday and Monday is the holiday).

To be able to define if employee worked shift before and after the system validates using the Active Schedule.


HRH - ex of work means sch




Use Worked Complement for Sched. Days

This option inserts Hours and Attendance with scheduled complements. Otherwise uses complements from the employee's Personnel Profile.



Use Worked Comp. for Sched.Days for ACs

If an Attendance Code is used in either the Worked or Non Worked, and the client wants the Complements for the Attendance Code to be the same as the Scheduled Shift. Then this check box should be used.


HRH - Attendance code option




Exclude Work for Holiday ACs with zero hours

When ticked the system exclude Work for Holiday Attendance Code that have 0 hours.

Added to Holiday Calc Rules. See section Options.


If NOT checked, employee will qualify for STAT even if has Work for Holiday Attendance Code with 0 hours either before holiday, or after holiday.

Attendance Code is flagged as Worked for Holiday.

If checked, employee is considered have not worked the shift before/after.



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