Attendance Code Setup

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Attendance Code Setup

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Attendance Code Setup

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Attendance Codes such as vacation, sick, jury duty, etc. are used to historically track an employee's time off, while Exception Codes such as absent, late, early departure etc. are used to monitor an employee's worked time.


Attendance Codes will be defined on this screen, and the list created here defines the codes and descriptions you wish to track historically in the system.


Select the Config menu.

Select the Setup menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Config Setup


Select Attendance Codes.


HTML5 - Navigate Attendance Codes


The following screen will appear (the options continue to the right - use the scroll bar to view)


ATCH - main screen





The filter (funnel icon) can be used to filter the Attendance Codes by the columns selected.


Click on the Filter icon (funnel).

Click one or more of the options that can be used to configure an Attendance Code.

choose one of the Condition options.

Click Apply.


ATCH - AC Filter


In the image above, we selected the option Once Per Year to filter the Attendance Codes.

There are three Attendance Codes with the option Once Per Year.


To remove the filter, click on the Filter icon and click on Reset and then Apply.


ATCH - filter example




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