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Schedule Reports Library

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Availability Request

This report will show all availability requests within a date range. They can be filtered by the status of the request or search for specific requests if the Reference ID is known.

RPH - Availabity Request - Configuration


RPH - Availability Request - Report




Availability Report

The availability report is used to see who is available to work on a particular day or shift (Morning Afternoon Evening Night). The report can be configured either based on Schedule, by the defined Schedule Rules i.e. Consecutive Booking Limits, Max Shifts per Day, etc., or based on Personal Info (availability as defined on the employee’s personal profile).


RPH - Availability Report - Configuration


Combined: Schedule And Personal

With this option, employees now show as available even when they have an No Scheduling Attendance Code on their schedule if Consider No Schedule AC option is turned off.

If Consider “No Schedule AC option is on, the comments for the Schedules rules appear in the comment section.

Validates the employee's Personal Availability first. If the employee had set themselves to N/A, if the employee is available for any combination of MAEN, then comments will appear if applicable.


RPH - Availability Report - Combined and Personal option


RPH - Sample combined and Personal


Based on Schedule Option

Tick this option to see employee availability based on the schedule rules i.e. Max Hours in Timeframe, Min Time Between Shifts etc. If you select all check marks under Availability By and the employee has several violations, only one will be displayed in the Comment field of the report, in the order in which the system validates the rules.

RPH - Availability Report - Configuration - Based on Schedule option


RPH - Availibity Report - Configuration - Based on Schedul Avail option

This report can include only those who are available or include both available and unavailable employees with a comment indicating which schedule rule is being violated for the unavailable employees. Tick Show All Available to see only employees who are available for the daily unfilled shift scenario you are reviewing:


RPH - Availability Report - Configuration - Show All




General Availability & Unfilled Shift Availability


The daily availability, when using Based on Schedule, can be expressed in one of two ways:

1.General Availability

2.Unfilled Shift Availability


RPH - Availability Report - Configuration - General


This setting will show employee availability based on a sample shift, with the length of your choosing, up to a maximum of eight hours. This allows you to verify availability in advance before approving a time off request. Because the start and end time is undetermined, the system cannot not validate the Minimum Time between Shifts rule.

See report output example below:


RPH - Availability Report - Configuration - 8  hours



Unfilled Shift Availability

RPH - Availability Report - Configuration - Unfilled Shift Avail.


This setting will show employee availability based on the daily unfilled shifts, using the Complement configuration for your facility. This information will be displayed shift by shift at the top of your report (below), with the employee availability for that shift displayed beneath it, according to your settings:

Key Information  

Complement refers to the required components of your schedule, for example for this facility, Department, Class and Day Code.


First note the unfilled shifts for all classes for May 14th:

RPH - Availability Report - Configuration - Daily


These shifts will be displayed as follows on your report when Based on Schedule / Unfilled Shift Availability is selected:

RPH - Aailability - Report - Based on schedule unfilled shift


Notes on filtering this report:


1.If no filter is applied, the report will include all employees regardless of the unfilled shifts (complements) for that day. For example you may have an unfilled shift for the dietary department, with employees from any other department displayed below it.

2.We recommend you filter your unfilled shift departments and classes to match those of the employee displayed below it. Because this report does not group by class, you may consider filtering and saving this report for each class individually.

3.To filter your employees, use the Employee filter settings:


RPH - Availability Report - Configuration - Filter


4.To filter your Complements (unfilled shifts), use the general filter settings:


RPH - Availability Report - Configuration - General filter


You may still choose to group using the Print Sequence option. In the setting below employees will be displayed alphabetically within each department.


PRH - Availability - Configuration - Alpha print sequence





Availability Based on Personal Info

Tick this option to view availability based on the employee individual Personal Info. Please note that certain options that apply to the Based on Schedule view are not applicable for this view, as shown below.

This report will only display the employee settings.

RPH - Availability Report - Configuration - Based on Personal Info

This report allows you to view multiple days / weeks at once but will only allow you to view the Comment column when the Daily view is selected.

RPH - Availability Report - Configuration - Include Comment greyed out

Sample report output:

RPH - Availability Report - Report - Based on Personal Info




Calls Log

Listing of all calls made to employees when trying to fill Unfilled Shifts using the Wizard or the Daily. The report contains the Employee Name, Employee Number, Date and Time of the call, Response Code used, and any Comment entered by the caller.

RPH - Call Log - Configuration


RPH - Call Log - Report




Census Report

RPH - Census Report - Configuration


RPH - Census Report - Report




Complement Report

Master Complement list that includes Department, Class, Day Code, and can include Hours, Dollars (optional) and the employees assigned to the complement.

When using the Weekly Report type the options under Include are available.

RPH - Complement Report - Configuration - Weekly



RPH - Complement Report - Report - Weekly




Coverage Report

This report is a bar graph report that can be run for specified times of the day, i.e., 5:00am to 11:00pm and include the quantity of employees within each hour set on the graph.

RPH - Coverage - Configuration

RPH - Coverage - Report




Daily Staffing Report

This report will show how many shifts occur between three time frames, and who is working those shifts. The time frames can be changed at your discretion. You may change the captions for each of the three shifts. (See green box).

RPH - Daily Staffing - Configuration

You may group shifts together by creating Group Level and the order in which they print on the report.

Click on the Plus icon to add a new group.


RPH - Daily Staffing - Configuration - Create Groups


To add classes, double click on the Class field and select the classes from the list. In the Print Order column, the starting at 1, that you would the levels to be printed.

RPH - Daily Staffing - Configuration- Create group populate new line

Example report with Grouping levels.

RPH - Daily Staffing - Report





Department Master Schedule Reports

Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly reporting of Master Schedules by Department, Class, etc.

RPH - Department Master Schedule - Configueration

Sample report:

RPH _ Department Master Schedule - Report


Department Master Schedule - Additional Information

RPH - Department Master Schedule - Configuration - Type

When the Report Type - Daily option is selected, the system will look at the Daily Schedule to display the schedule data.

In this case the Include options at the right will NOT apply but the Fields section will apply (below).


RPH - Department Master Schedule - Configuration - EE fields




Department Schedule Report

Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly reporting of schedules by Department, Class, etc.

RPH - Daily  Departmnet Schedule Report - Configuration


RPH - Daily Department Schedule Report - Report


Department Schedule Report - Additional Information

Base on Schedule - ticked

When Base on Schedule is ticked, the system will look at the schedule table to display the schedule data. The Level options in this case will display shifts first by Level, not by employee. For example, if the First Level is set to Unit, and an employee works in multiple units, this employee will appear under each Unit worked, as opposed to all the employee's shifts appearing together under the employee name.

Using Unit as the Level, the Attendance Codes will not appear since Attendance Codes cannot be set by Unit on the schedule. This same restriction will apply to any level setting that is not connected with Attendance Codes. The only level setting that will include Attendance Codes is Class, in cases where the Attendance Code has been added on the Time Card and associated the employee's class (this cannot be done on the Active Schedule).





Five Star Report

This report will show the rating received per time period as well as the overall rating of the facility. The report will also forecast the rating of the next time period. NOTE: this is an USA Government report for their PBJ / CMS reporting.

RPH - Five Star Report - Configuration


RPH - Five Star Report - Report





Individual Active Schedule Report

This report will allow you to view each employee’s Active Schedule with more detail. The employee’s details can be included in the report along with the shift details.

RPH - Individual Schedule - Configuration


RPH - Indivdual Schedule - Report




Individual Master Schedule Report

This report will show the Master Schedule that employees are assigned to. Employees will not show up on the report if they are not assigned a line. Similar to the Schedule By Line report but displayed based on the Employee.

To use the option, Include AC Hours in Total, the Attendance Codes are required to have either As Worked or Contribute Hours to Schedule Hours flag on. On the Master Schedule Options / Week tab – tick on Include AC Hours in Total.

RPH - Individual Master Schedule - Configuration


RPH - Individual Master Schedule - Report





Mass Messaging Report

This report will show the message history that the Mass Messaging Module and the responses if any. This is the report format of the Mass Messaging Button in the Mass Messaging Module.

You can customize what details are included in the report, or search for specific broadcasts with a reference ID.


RPH - Mass Messaging - Configuration



RPH - Mass Messaging - Report




Offered/Declined Shifts Report

This report is similar to the Calls Log in that it lists when an employee was called, by whom and when, but it also contains additional shift information, i.e., the Shift Date, Department, Class, and Day Code information for the shift being filled.

RPH - Offered Declined - Configuration


RPH - Offered Declined - Report




Schedule Analysis

The formula:

((Actual / Scheduled) -1) x 100%

The example above it would be

((22.5 / 82.5) -1) x 100% = -72.7%


RPH - Schedule Analysis - Config

negative percentage means you are missing something.

positive means the Actual is higher and you have extra.

RPH - Schedule Analysis - Var




Schedule By Line Report

This report will show what shifts are assigned on each Master Line. It will also show which employee is assigned to that Master Line if any. The total number of hours assigned per week, and in total for the whole Master Line.

RPH - Schedule by Line - configuration

RPH - Schedule by Line - Report


Schedule By Line/Employee Report

RPH - Schedule Line Emloyee - Configuration


Schedule Line Employee - Report




Self Scheduling

Under Report Type you may select open or booked shifts or bidding info. Use the Apply Filter by Shift Reference to report on a specific shift.

RPH - Self Scheduling - Configuration - Bid Info



RPH - Self Scheduling - Report - Bid Info





Shift Exchange Request

This report will show any Shift Exchange Requests that fall under the filters set. It will display the status, employee names, and the dates involved in the shift exchange.

RPH - Shift Exchange Request - Configuration


RPH - Shift Exchange Request - Report





TSR Report

This report will show all TSRs in the Time Period selected. It will show which employee the TSR was for, the Attendance Code used, and the start and end dates. The Master Line that is being covered is also displayed on the report.
The employees assigned to cover on the TSR is also listed under each TSR. If the TSR type is set to selected shifts, it will also display which shifts, and show a separate list for who is covering the remaining balance of shifts.

RPH - TSR - Configuration


RPH - TSR - Report




Unfilled Shifts

This report will show you which employees have worked enough hours to meet the Full Time Threshold. Generally used for reporting to the IRS about the available medical plans for Full Time Employees.

RPH - Unfilled Shifts - Configuration


RPH - Unfilled Shifts - Report




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