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Employee Availability - Employee

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Employee Availability - Employee

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Employee Availability is used to define what shifts employees can work. Availability requests can be made by the employee or by the manager on the employee's behalf.

Availability can be configured by date or by week.


If you have Availability by Week configured (by the employee or manger), you can also configure Availability by Date but where there is duplication of dates, the Availability by Date setting will take precedence over the Availability by Week setting.

An Employee can submit Availability Change Requests either through the Employee Self Service or the StaffScheduleCare Mobile App.
Approving Availability is an optional manager feature. If Availability is not configured to require approval, the Availability changes made by the employee are immediate.

Otherwise, if approval is required, changes to employee Availability must be approved by a manager before they become effective.

When defining Availability by Date an employee or supervisor can apply different Availability to each day of the week, i.e. a combination of Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night (MAEN) shifts. This type of Availability is not static, in other words it changes from week-to-week by date.



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