Recruiting & Onboarding

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Recruiting & Onboarding

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Recruiting & Onboarding

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The StaffScheduleCare Recruiting and Onboarding system will assist your managers posting a job through to onboarding new staff.


By adding the SSC Applicant Centre link to your website applicants will have access to view job positions that are available and apply.

Managers or HR can create job postings for one new hire or multiple new hires from one posting. The job posting can include rate, hours per week, salary and additional information. The manager may include a summary, key responsibilities and required skills. Questions can be asked at the time of applying that can also be rated.


The system will rate the applicants for best fit so managers can see at a glance which applicants to contact.


Once the manage selects an applicant, an interview request with dates/times can be sent to the applicant to select from. Post interview notes can be stored with the applicant.


Job Offers can be sent to the applicant along with a job offer document(s). When the applicant accepts the position, the manager can start the onboarding process.

The Onboarding Group associated with the posting will automatically send the required onboarding documents. The system allows the manager to set the time line required to complete the documents/tasks required. The applicant receives the documents in the Applicant Centre.

A completion date is provided beside each document. From here the applicant can complete the documents and upload them. The system will track the onboarding completed percent by the responses received from the applicant.


When the manager is ready to onboard the new hire, they will complete the onboarding process. The new hire is now added into the StaffScheduleCare database with the information the new hire provided. From the Onboarding screen the manager completes remaining internal information.

The new employee can be assigned to a Master line, update the Active Schedule, and assigned group settings. The new hire receives an email with their StaffScheduleCare Employee Self Service log in information.




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