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Onboarding Group

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Onboarding Group

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Every organization has requirements for onboarding new hires. This might involve the new hire to acknowledge that they have read a document or sign documents and provide them back to the manager.


the HR requirement documents for a position can be setup with all necessary documents attached Using Onboarding Groups.



When the posting is created the appropriate Onboarding Group is assigned.

Once the applicant accepts the job offer, the system will guide the manager through the onboarding process which includes sending and receiving these documents.



Create Onboarding Groups        


Select the HCM menu.

Select the Onboarding Groups menu.


Click on the Plus icon to add a new line.


You can clone an existing group and modify. Be sure to rename before saving.


ROB - Onboarding Group add


An new line will be displayed at the bottom of the grid.


Enter the new group name in the Title field.

Click on the highlighted Feedback Period and enter the number of days the applicant has to respond back after accepting the position.

Click Save.


ROB - Onboarding new group


Hover over the number in the Documents column until the white hand appears then click.


Click on the Actions List icon and select Add.

In the Title column enter the document name.


ROB - add documents




Feedback Types


Click in the Feedback type column to open the drop-down list.


If document only requires the applicant to read it and then acknowledge it, select the Flagging a check box option.

If the document requires the applicant to return the document, then select Uploading a form.

In the Feedback Period (days) enter the number of days that applicant has to respond for either method.

Click Save. After clicking Save the Attachment Upload option is now enabled.


ROB - freedback type checkbox


Hover over the Upload icon until the hand appears then click.

The system will open a directory to your files.

Navigate to the document you would like to upload.

Click on it to highlight it, then click Open.

When all documents required are attached, click in the X to close the window.


ROB - Attachment upload



In the example below we have added the document Background Check with a period on 10 days to upload the response.


ROB - Doc loaded



What the Applicant Sees



The Applicant views the Onboarding Feedback section for a document requiring only an acknowledgment.

Clicking on the Download icon will provide the applicant with the document.

Once they have read the document, they click on the Submit area which changes the status to Acknowledged.


ROB - acknowledged




Document Feedback

When the Onboarding document requires a document returned, the applicant will have a Submit icon. Clicking on the icon allows the applicant to select a document to upload.

Once they have successfully uploaded the document the status changes to Uploaded.


ROB - upload document feedback




Add Onboarding Group to Job Posting


Once the Onboarding Group is created, it can be added to the Job Posting when the posting is being created.


Click on the posting to highlight it blue. Hover over the number in the Onboarding Groups column until the white hand appears, then click.


ROB - Onboarding Group button


Click on the Onboarding Group.

Click Select to attached to the posting.

ROB - Onboarding group select deselect



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