Self Scheduling - Manager

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Self Scheduling - Manager

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Self Scheduling - Manager

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Self Scheduling was designed to allow managers to create and manage, scheduling periods during which employees can bid on unfilled shifts. It also allows managers (and employees if company permits) to book open shifts belonging to an employee’s Self Scheduling group.


The Self Scheduling module also allows managers to add incentives such as Overtime or Shift Premiums and/or relax specific or all scheduling rules. Self Scheduling can be configured to let employees unbook from existing shifts and book into other open shifts.


Employees must be assigned to a Scheduling Group. The manager/scheduler creates a bidding period to allow employees to bid on a certain period of the schedule's unfilled shifts.


Select the Schedules menu.

Select the Self Scheduling menu.


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tog_minusCreating A Scheduling Period
tog_minusApproving Bids
tog_minusSelf Scheduling Screen
tog_minusSelf Scheduling Toolbar
tog_minusConfiguration Options
tog_minusConfigure Scheduling Groups
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