Pay Cycle Setup

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Pay Cycle Setup

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Pay Cycle Setup

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This option is used to define your pay cycle frequency i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, etc.


Select the Config menu.

Select the Setup menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Config Setup


Select Pay Cycle Setup.


HTML5 - Navigate - Pay Cycle


The following screen will appear:


PCH - pay cycle setup screen




Adding a New Pay Cycle


To add a new pay cycle:


Click on the Plus icon.


A new line will be displayed at the bottom of the grid.


PCH - new empty line


Enter the Pay Cycle Description.

The Pay Cycle number will be auto assigned for you after you save the setting.

Click in the End Date field and select the End Date. This pay cycle will start on (June 18th) the day after the end date you select.


PCH - End Date


Click in the Frequency field and select the frequency from the drop-down list.

For a semi-monthly cycle, enter the day of the month period is to start from.

Click Save.


PCH - Frequencey dropdown


The new pay cycle is now assigned the next code, in our example this is 52.


PCH - saved cycle


The new pay cycle is immediately available on Pay Cycle drop-down lists.

In this example we can see pay cycle 52 can be selected from the Employee Profile Pay Cycle drop-down list.


PCH - ee profile






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