Position Setup

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Position Setup

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Position Setup

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The Position Setup section allows you to define different positions employees may be assigned to. Positions can then be made a required field (optional) on the employee schedules.

If you make Positions a required field, you must assign a position to each employee.


Select the Config menu.

Select the Setup menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Config Setup


Select Positions.


HTML5 - Navigate config setup positions





Create New Position


Click on the Plus icon to add a new position.


PSH - Positions toolbar


A new blank line will open at the bottom of the grid:


PSH - Position new line


Enter your Position code (up to six alpha-numeric characters).

Enter a Description (up to 30 alpha-numeric characters).

Click Save to save your data.

Repeat this process to add additional positions. The example below shows the addition of a Lab position.


PSH - Lab Assistant




Assigning Positions to Employees


You can assign positions to employees through the Personnel menu under the Shift and Schedule option.


PSH - personnel position change



You may also assign employees the position in the Position setup screen.


Under the Employees column, the number of employees assigned to a position is shown in the Employee(s) column.


Click on the number to view a list of those already assigned and to assign the position to employees.


To assign positions to employees, follow this process:


PSH - Assign employees


Click on the corresponding number in the Employees column to activate the Employees menu.

Open the Employee Panel by clicking in the Name field.

On the Employee Panel select the employee(s) you wish to assign to this position by checking the corresponding box(es).


PSH - Select ee

Click Apply to close the Employee Panel.

On the Employees menu and click on the Plus (Add) icon.

Select Add Employees and the following message will appear:


PSH - assign selected ee


Click Yes and the employee will be added to this position.


You will notice that the number of employees assigned to the position increases by the number of employees you added.


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