Discipline Setup

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Discipline Setup

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Discipline Setup

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The first step in configuring Discipline for your facility is to set up all the possible types of disciplinary actions that may be taken.

When the Discipline Process is run, normally at the end of each month, the system evaluates everyone’s attendance in search of these types of violations (based on the Attendance Code assigned).

If an employee has accumulated enough occurrences within the defined time frames, he/she will receive the notification code associated with the violation and the record is then written to this employee's discipline history.


Discipline Codes, the disciplinary actions, must be setup before you can setup the infractions and their rules.




tog_minusSetting Up Types of Disciplinary Actions (Codes)
tog_minusInfraction Setup
tog_minusDiscipline Notification Setup
tog_minusDiscipline Attendance & Exception Codes

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