Discipline - Processing

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Discipline - Processing

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Discipline - Processing

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The Discipline Process is normally run at the end of each month. When the Discipline Process is run, the system evaluates everyone’s attendance in search of these types of violations.

If employees have accumulated enough occurrences within the defined time frames, they will receive the notification code associated with their violation and the record is written to their discipline history.


Please note that if this has been newly created for an existing system, the first time the Discipline Process is run, it will update based on the time frame that was configured.

For example, if the highest level of Discipline for ABST (Absent) occurrences is 15 in 360 days, the system will go back 360 days for the initial calculation.

Depending on the processing option you select, the next update will typically run for the period SINCE the last update.




Discipline Processing


Navigate to:

Select the HR Tools menu.

Select the Discipline Process menu.


DPH - navigate to discipline processing


The Discipline Process screen will appear:


DPH - Discipline process main screen



The process can be filtered to run for selected employees and/or selected Disciplines by using the Filter.

Click on the Filter icon (funnel) or the Filter tab. (the Filter icon is blue when a selection has been saved.)


In either option (Employee or Discipline), click in the Values window and select from the drop-down lists.


Click Save.


DPH - Discipline Process filter



To run the Discipline Process, click on the Process icon.


DPH - Process icon




Tool Bar Options


HTML - Process screen toolbar



R5TBToolBar1 Open saved settings

If you make any changes to previously defined saved settings, you may access them here.


HTML - Save iconSave your settings.

If you make any changes to previously defined settings that you want to be permanent or save a new setting.


HTML - New Report Settting iconNew Report Settings

Click to clear screen of previously saved setting.


HTML - Process icon - no borderProcess

When clicked will run the Discipline Process chosen and present a preview (report) of the update on screen. The disciplines will also write to the employee’s personnel profile screen.


HTML - Preview Options icon Preview Options

Will allow you to choose from the following preview options:


HTML - Preview Options drop-down


HTML - Preview icon no border View the report in PDF format

No processing will occur.


HTML - Report Action iconReport Action

Allows you the option of emailing the report (configuration is required).


HTML - Cancel Report iconCancel Report

Allows you to cancel the running process. Will only be active once process has begun.


HTML - Filter icon Filter options

Process only the selections made. Example one department, a group of employees or a class.




Discipline Process screen Fields


DPH - sample setting


Process Date

As of what date do you want to process the discipline.


Group By

Print Level (sorts) choices. Choose First, Second or Third Level of grouping from the drop-down menus.





These options filter the disciplines shown on the process report.

Before running the process, you may use the Preview icon.


Show Strongest Violations Only

Will show only the last and strongest violation incurred.


Show Details

This option will print all occurrences of the Attendance Codes that caused the discipline violation to be incurred.


Override Company Rules

Allows you to enforce notification codes without sticking to the rules. For example, an employee is at Level 1 of the notification grid (informal counseling) but should be at Level 3 (written warning), however because Discipline may not have been processed recently, and we do not SKIP notification levels, we must start at Level 1 notification. This option allows you to assign the level of discipline based on the grid setup by overriding the company rules and showing their actual level of offense.


Show Violators Only

Will only show employees that have a discipline violation.


Print Sequence

How you want the data to sort within your Report By option, by Name, Number, Seniority (which requires a seniority choice), or Other, which opens the window to the right and allows you to choose from other options, i.e., Supervisor or Department, Class etc.)


Using the configuration setup that includes the option to Show Strongest Violations Only and Show Violations Only, we will run the Discipline Process as of August 31, 2021.


In this image we see that three employees have discipline violations for Absent without Notice. One has a written warning and two have the notification of verbal warning.


DPH - Processing sample report


Finally, it is important to remember that once an employee’s discipline is flagged as processed it is not counted against them again as a violation.



Post Processing - Employee Profile


The Discipline tab of the Personnel screen is where the discipline violations process to after the Discipline Process has been run.

You will see data on this screen if the employee has incurred a discipline violation that appears after the Discipline Process has been run or if violations have been manually added to this screen.

Discipline items can also be edited and/or deleted from this screen.


Click on the Actions icon and select from the drop-down options displayed.


DPH - sample EE discipline screen





Click on the paper clip icon clip2367 to view and manage attachments. For further details on Attachments see Attachments and Printer Icon.


The printer HTML - Printer icon icon will allow you to view and print a discipline note to give to the employee. For further details on the Printer icon see Attachments and Printer Icon.


DPH - printable warning





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