Employee Shift Give Away

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Employee Shift Give Away

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Employee Shift Give Away

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If your facility's policies allow, an employee may give away a shift to another employee instead of exchanging it.

The Shift Give Away feature is part of the Shift Exchange function.  



Select the Requests menu.

Select the Shift Exchange Requests menu.


ESSSEH - Request Shift Exchange



Click on the Actions icon and select New Request.


ESSSEH - Shift Exchange main screen


A window displaying your Active Schedule will appear.

Use the Date window to select the date to start viewing your Active Schedule from. You may select how far out to view the Active Schedule by choosing 1, 2, 4 weeks or Calendar.


Click on the shift you would like to give away. The shift will become highlighted in blue.

Click Apply.


ESSSEH - Active Schedule select date


The shift you wish to give away is now on the right-side panel. The action you would like to do needs to be selected.


ESSSEH - New request window


Click on the drop-down arrow and select Give away Shift.


ESSSEH - Give away option


Click on the button icon beside Acceptor. The system will provide a list of employees who are available to take the shift.


ESSSEH - Give away acceptor button


From this list you can select the employee by clicking in the check box and then click Submit.

ESSSEH - Select employee view


The selected employee will appear on the right side on the request panel.

Click Apply.


ESSSEH - selected Acceptor


The shift give away is not complete until the requested employee accepts the exchange.


SSEH - Request waiting acceptor to accept



Accepting a Shift Give Away


When the Acceptor logs into the system they will see an Unread Request on the Welcome menu Shift Exchange widget. Shift Exchange includes Shift Give Away notifications.


Click the 1 to go to the Shift Exchange Requests screen. Click on the request to highlight it. The alternate path is to click on Requests / Shift Exchange Requests.


ESSSEH - EE Widget



The Accept or Deny buttons are on the right panel.

Select one and then click on Apply.


The Acceptor may enter a comment on the Comment Line.

If the system is configured with Manager Approval required, then the accepted request will go to the manager for approval. (See Manager below)

If the system is configured for auto approval the Give Away shift will appear on the Acceptor's Active Schedule immediately after accepting.


SEESEH - Accept Deny option



Manager Approval


Access either through the Shift Exchange Widget on the Welcome menu or select Schedules / Request.

Shift Give Away functions the same as Shift Exchanges.


Click on the request to highlight it. In this example the Acceptor has accepted the shift, however, the request still requires the manager to approve.


ESSSEH - Request for mgr to approve




Click on the Actions icon to get the drop-down menu. Select Process Request.


ESSSEH - Process Request


On the Process Request screen, click on the drop-down arrow to get the processing options.


ESSEH - Process Request window


Select Approved, and the system will automatically update the Active Schedule for both employees.




Deny Shift Give Away


If Shift Give Away has been setup for manager’s approval, the manager not only can approve but also deny a request.

A manager can deny a request by selecting the Denied option on the processing drop-down.


ESSSEH - Process denied


When the employee logs into their requests they will see the status Denied.

ESSSEH - Denied request status


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