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Welcome Menu Widgets

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Welcome Menu Widgets

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The Welcome menu was designed to keep employees and managers up to date on company news.

Allow them to access, review and/or approve Time Off and Shift Exchange requests, edit daily Time Card Exceptions and follow-up on Performance Evaluations & Training classes.

The Widgets headers will change colour based on their status. If there are actionable items the widget will display red, otherwise, the widgets will be blue.

Using the StaffScheduleCare widgets, the information is displayed on the Welcome menu.


Select which widgets you would like displayed to provide information at a glance.


tog_minusAdd Widget Options
tog_minusTime Card Exception Widget
tog_minusSchedule Exception Widget
tog_minusTime Off Requests & Shift Exchange Widget
tog_minusEmployee Evaluations & Training Widgets
tog_minusEmployee Availability Widget
tog_minusOther Widget Options