Security Restriction Groups Setup

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Security Restriction Groups Setup

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Security Restriction Groups Setup

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This option allows you to set up Security Restriction Groups in StaffScheduleCare. You can select the user's Security Restriction Group from a drop-down menu instead of setting up restrictions (departments, classes etc.) individually by user.

You can also apply different restriction groups to your employees, for example, if employees do their own Time Card corrections and need to select additional classes they have worked in addition to their home classes.


Please note that in this case employees would still be allowed to view/edit their own data only.


The Security Restriction Group determines the data (department, class etc.) that the user/employee can access.

The Security Access Group determines the StaffScheduleCare menu options that are available to the user/employee.


Select the Config menu.

Select the Security menu.


  HTML5 - Navigate Config Security


Select Security Restriction Groups


HTML5 - Navigate - secuirty restriction groups


The following screen will appear. The screen is divided into two panels.

The left panel is a list of the existing Security Restriction Groups and the employees/users assigned to the group.

The right panel is the detail configuration of the group.


Click on a Group and the restriction details are displayed on the right.


SRH - security restriction main screen


Please see Column Grid Headings Configuration for further information on Field Visibility, Add, Delete and Cancel.





Adding Security Restriction Groups


To create a new group, you can either Add or Clone an existing group.

SRH - Actions list add and clone



Clone New Group

If you have a group that is very similar to the new group you would like to create, you can clone it.


Click on the Group you would like to clone.

Click on the Clone icon. (Blue folders)

A new line will open at the bottom of the grid.

SRH - cloned new line

Modify the Description.

The cloned lines restrictions have been copied. Make the changes you require on the right-hand panel.

Click Save.


Add New Group

Click on thePlus icon.

A new blank line will open at the bottom of the grid.

Add a Description.

Click Save.

Click and select Employee Default (optional) to assign this group as the Employee Default group. Only one group can have this designation.

You would assign one group as the Employee Default if all or most of your employees will have the same restriction group.


SRH - Employee default option

The next step is to assign the restriction information to this new group.

On the right-hand panel, under the Select heading is a drop-down list of options that can be restricted.


SRH - Select dropdown


The Values heading is the pre-defined data for each option. To allow access to all the selected option, click on the All check box.

In the example below, ticking on the All Departments would allow access to all of departments. the Home option will allow access to only the user's home department.


SRH - Values options


On the Select drop-down, click on the options you wish access restricted to.

on the Values heading, click on the restriction options as shown (Dietary and Recreation are selected above). This group will only be able to see employees in departments Dietary and Recreation.

Instead of selecting individual options, you can also select all of the values (All Departments) OR just the Home value (Home Department). The Home option will allow users/employees to see only the home department, class etc. they are assigned to.

Continue restricting all the options on the list as described.

Please note that you must save each modified record independently and will be prompted to do so.



flag_green       Key Information     In the Values field, you can click on the X to Deselect All or the Check mark to Select All for each option.


You can also click Reset to return the current option to the default state (unchecked). Reset can also be applied after saving.



Assigning Employees to a Group


There are two methods to assign a Security Restriction Group.


Personnel – Shift and Schedule

You can assign Security Restriction Groups to employees on the Personnel menu under the Login Info option.


SRH - Personnel Login Info





Security Restriction Setup menu

under the Employees column, the number of employees assigned to this group is visible.


Click on the Restriction Group you would like to view.

Click on the number in the Employee(s) column.


A window will open listing all employees who are assigned to this group. In this example the 1 employee is assigned.


SRH - Employee Dependency


Click in the employee name window to open the employee panel.


SRH - open ee panel


Click on the check box beside the name of the employee(s) who are to be assigned to this group.

In this example we are assigning Wendy Matthews to this group.

SRH - Selelct new ee to add.


Click on the Actions icon to open the ADD option.

Select the appropriate add option. In this example we are adding an employee.

SRH - Actions add ee to group

The Information pop-up will confirm the employee(s) being added.

Click Yes to save.

SRH - add ee popup


The Information window will refresh displaying the newly added employee(s).


SRH - Refresh dependency list



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