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Dictionary Quick Access Links

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Dictionary Quick Access Links

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Within the system there are buttons and links that provide quick access to view setup for elements such as: Time Bank, Schedule Rules, Day Codes.

These quick links are found in the Time Card, Wizard, and Personal, as well as other areas.


Clicking on the white button or the purple link will open a view only window with the setup details.




White Button

On some of the system screens white Show me buttons are located on the left side of elements such as Class and department.

In the example below we are going to open the quick access link to the Labour Class setup.


Hover over top of the button with your cursor.


POPH - White button


Click when the Show me hint appears.


POPH - Show me


The Labour Class setup window opens for you to view.


POPH - labour class show me






Purple links

Hover over the purple link until the cursor becomes a hand and a line appears under the link.

Click on the link.


POPH - Rule link



This will open the setup for the rule for you to view.


POPH - Purple popup



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