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Mobile - Shift Give Away

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Mobile - Shift Give Away

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With Shift Give Away the employee can select the employee who will be accepting the shift. This is not an exchange of one shift for another.


This feature is only available if the facility is configured to allow employees to give away a shift to another employee.


This method is the same method used on the StaffScheduleCare Employee Self Service.




Submit a Shift Give Away

Depending on the features your facility is offering you will see different features available on the main menu.


M - Main menu screen


There are two methods of accessing the Shift give away process.



#1 - Shift Exchange Icon

On the main menu, tap on the Shift Exchange icon. This will open the Shift Exchange menu.

Tap on the green plus symbol located at top the of the screen.

This will open your schedule.



#2 - Schedule Icon

On the main menu, tap on the Schedule Icon. Your schedule will be displayed.


From this point on, the process is the same in both Shift Exchange and Schedules for submitting requests.



You may only see out as far as the current system posted date.


If the date range shown does not cover the shift date you wish to give away, tap on the calendar beside the word Schedule at the top of the page.


M - Schedule view calendar


Tap on either the From and/or To date to open the date window.

You may scroll up or down on month, day, or year to set the date selection.


M - Schedule date selection window


Once you have selected the correct dates, tap OK. The date field will refresh, and your schedule will be displayed out that far.

If the selected date is passed the posted date, you will see only to the posted date.


Scroll down/up to find the shift you would like to give away.


Tap on the white section of the shift. In this example we are selecting the August 21st shift.


The Shift Exchange symbol will appear.


M - Open SE sysmbol


Tap on the Shift Exchange symbol to open the Shift Exchange Method window.

Select Give away Shift.


M - Shift Give Away option


Please note that on a Shift Give Away, the field Enter the date you want is populated for you with the date of the shift you are giving away.

You may scroll up or down through the list of available employees to select the person you would like to give the shift to.

The system has used the shift exchange validation to provide a list of those who are eligible to accept the shift.


M - Available people


Tap on the employee to make your selection.


The system will display a pop-up letting you know the request has been sent.


M - SE Success popup


The Acceptor (the person you selected) will receive an email notification.

If this person has the Shift Exchange widget on their Welcome menu, they will also see there is an unread request for them.


M - Shift Give Away Acceptor email notification


Now that you have made a Shift Give Away request for a shift. The Shift Exchange symbol will appear on that shift when you view your schedule.

When the Acceptor either accepts or declines (using the same process as Shift Exchange) the shift the symbol will change to thumbs up or a thumbs down.


M - Shift Ex symbol on schedule


You may view the status of your request in the Shift Exchange menu. Currently this employee has one Shift Exchange or Give Away waiting.


On the main menu, tap on the Shift Exchange icon.


M - SE icon alert


The Shift Exchange icon shows that the Acceptor has not responded yet.

If your facility requires manager's approval, then that status will be unprocessed until a manager takes action.


M - Give Away status in the Shift Ex menu


In this example, the Acceptor accepted, and the manager has approved.

The shift is successfully given away and the shift will be removed from your Active Schedule and added to the Acceptor's Active Schedule.


M - Accepted and Approved Give Away





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