Holiday Calculation - Processing

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Holiday Calculation - Processing

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Holiday Calculation - Processing

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Running the Holiday Calculation


For description of toolbar functions see Payroll Processes.



Select the Payroll menu.

Select the Holiday Calculation menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Payroll Holiday Calcuation


The Holiday Calculation screen will appear:


HCH - Holiday calc main screen



These are the basic steps to processing the Holiday Calculation, and two types of benefit pay, Banked and Paid. Using the print screen above, the steps to processing the Holiday Calculation are described below:


1.Select the Holiday Group. You may select the All Group option or select one or more groups using the drop-down list.


HCH - select Holiday Group


2.Select the Holiday you are processing. The system will list the last holiday processed. We see May 20, 2021 since today is June 15, 2021.

     The Show All Holidays option will provide a list of all the holidays associated with the selected group. Use this option to find a holiday that is older than the first one listed.


HCH - Holiday to be processed


3.Select your Group By level(s), e.g., by Department, Class etc.

4.Select your Print Sequence. This determines how the employees will be displayed within your Group By levels, i.e., by name or number.

5.Select what Columns of data you want on the report, e.g., name, amount and note.

6.Show option – who do you want to see on the report, All, Paid or Unpaid.

7.Select Show Detail Comment under the Options section if you would like all comments to print on the preview.

8.Click on the Preview icon and review the pre-processing report.

9.Click the Process icon.



flag_green       Key Information    

Before processing click the Preview icon for a report of what will be processed.


NOTE: The holiday last processed will continue to appear at the top of the list for 60 days.



The system will process the calculation of holiday time, based on previously defined criteria, and do one of the following three things:


1.Credit the amount of hours earned to the Holiday field on the Time Card.

2.Credit the amount of hours earned to an Attendance Code to be paid.

3.Add the hours earned to a Time Bank for use at another time.




Holiday Rule


If you have to security access rights, you can view and modify the associated Holiday Rule with the selected Holiday Group.


Click on the Holiday Rule link.


HCH - Holiday Rule link


This will open the configuration for this rule and allow changes.


HCH - Hol Rule config





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