Discipline Code Setup

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Discipline Code Setup

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Discipline Code Setup

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The first step in configuring Discipline for your facility is to set up all the possible types of disciplinary actions that may be taken against employees who violate the rules.


When the Discipline Process is run, normally at the end of each month, the system evaluates everyone’s attendance in search of these types of violations (based on the Attendance Codes assigned). If an employee has accumulated enough occurrences within the defined time frames, he/she will receive the notification code associated with the violation and the record is then written to this employee's discipline history.


To set up the types of disciplinary actions:


Select the Config menu.

Select the Setup menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Config Setup


Select Discipline Codes.


DPH - Discipline setup icon


The following screen will appear:


DPH - Discipline code setup


The example above contains six types of disciplinary actions. To add a new Discipline type:


Click on the Plus icon. A new line will display at the bottom of the grid.

Complete the Code field. The Code can be up to four alpha/numeric characters.

Order refers to the order in which the disciplinary action will occur e.g., a written warning may be order 1, a verbal warning 2 and so on.

Description and Comment are optional fields.

Click Save.



Now that the Discipline Codes (Discipline Actions) are setup, you may continue setting up the Discipline Infractions. See Discipline Infraction Setup


To view a list of employees who have incurred these codes, Navigate to HR Tools / Manage Discipline. See HR Tool - Manage Discipline




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