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Browser & Login

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Browser & Login

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Once logged in to StaffScheduleCare, you will use the system's internal navigation buttons as well as drop-down menus to move from menu to menu.


StaffScheduleCare also allows you to navigate using some of the standard browser controls.



Standard Browser Features


1.URL Address

This area displays the URL address of the currently active screen.


2.Back and Forward Buttons
This option allows you to return to pages you have previously accessed during your current session. Any unsaved changes will be lost.


      BRH - Forward backward browsser arrows



3. Refresh Button
Refreshing the browser content ensures that the most recently updated information will be displayed.


    BRH - Browser refresh icon



4.   Client Login

Navigate to using your browser.

Click Client Login.


    SSC Client login icon


The following menu will appear:


welcomeH - Client login


1.Enter your Facility code provided by your manager, from StaffScheduleCare.
2.Enter your Login provided by your manager.
3.Enter your Password provided by your manager.

4.   Click on the FLAG for your location. (This is only required for your first time logging in)

5.   Click Login.


If your facility has setup the Welcome email feature, you will receive an email providing you with your Facility code, login, and Password information.


The Notification area on the right, will provide you with upcoming events and information from StaffScheduleCare.



Proxy Log In


If supervisor or managers been configured as a proxy for other users when they log in the portal will display a secondary screen.

To log in with your proxy login, click on the Proxy Profile circle.

Should you have more than one, click on the down arrow and select from the drop-down list.


LOGH - Proxy user log in




Two-factor Authentication

If your facility has enable the Two-factor Authentication after the StaffScheduleCare login screen you will be presented with a second screen.


Logging In

Change Send code by method if required; otherwise leave as is.

Click on the Send Code button. Click the red X to discontinue logging in.


TFH - send code by dropdown


After the Send Code button has been clicked the screen will refresh.

There is now a field to enter the verification code.

Retrieve the verification code sent by the Send code by method selected.


Enter the verification code in the Enter Code field.

Click Submit. If the verification code is valid the StaffScheduleCare software will open.


TFH - Submit code




Receiving Verification Code Methods




TFH - email code




Text Message (SMS)


TFH - text code




The system will call the phone number provided with an automated message stating the verification code.





Multiple Sites - Browser Tab


You may have multiples sites open at once. The system will provide a browser tab for each site that is open.

In this example we can see the user has one site open, Quality Assurance.


BRH - Browser tab


In the example below there are two sites open, Quality Assurance and GLTest Edit Name.

With multiple sites open, you can click on the browser tab and move between the sites.

The site currently visible on the screen is shown in white. 


BRH - Multiple sites



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