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html5 – GENERAL RELEASE 27.19


Update from Master – Enhanced / Collapse & Expand Grouping  

The Employee(s) and Unfilled Lines sections have the option to collapse or expand groups.

The system will save the grouping as part of the settings.

C3.a.8 - Active - Updating from Master Schedule Enhanced See Grouping.



OESA Time Bank Configuration – Add Additional Paid Code  

Configuration of an OESA Time Bank has been modified to allow multiple paid codes. User can select Paid, Unpaid, or Payout for each Attendance Code using the new Type column.

This will allow the client to add as many different Attendance Codes as required. They can choose which codes are Paid, Unpaid or for Payout.

Contact StaffScheduleCare Client Care Team to implement.



Employee Detail Report – Opt Out options          

Managers may run a report of the employees who have Opted Out of the system using the Employee Detail Report.

In the Employee Fields list select Mass Messaging to print their notification option and Opt out date/time. Under Options, select the Show only Opted out to list only employees who have done so.



Required Fields Customization - New Employee Template

The fields required to be populated when adding a new hire to the system are selected from the Required Fields menu. The selected required fields are then used to create New Employee Templates.

Facility can now customize the list of Employee Profile Required fields for the New Employee Templates.

C10.21 - New Employee Template Configuration See section on Required Fields.



Holiday Calculations - Use Worked Compl. for Sched Day for ACs

If an Attendance Code is used for either the Worked or Non Worked, and the client wants the Complements for the Attendance Code to be the same as the Scheduled Shift. Then this option is used. 

C5.5 - Holiday Rule Options



Overtimes and Premiums Setup Menu - Clone option    

The Cloning function has been added to the tool bars for both Overtimes and Premiums.


Overtimes and Premiums Setup Menu - Expiry Date Field 

There is now an Expiry Date field on both menus. Allows the user to set an end date for an OT or Premium.



Overtimes ESS Mobile App. - Display Time Banks in dollars instead of hours.    

Time Bank Configuration / General tab for Standard banks ONLY. New option for ESS Mobile App. They may only see either Dollars or Hours, but not both.

Mobile - View Only Features See Time Bank section.






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UFM Enhanced and Master Schedule Employee Panel link - Removed.

Yearly Attendance Report - Internal except error.

Tracking List - increased string field maximum saved characters.



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