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Welcome Menu (Employee)

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Welcome Menu (Employee)

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The Welcome menu was designed to keep you the employee, up to date on company news and allow you to follow the progress of your Time Off and Shift Exchange requests.


After logging in to the software with your Username & Password you will be launched right onto the Welcome menu (default setting). If this default setting is not configured, you would simply click the Welcome menu main heading.


The Welcome menu will appear with the employee’s name in the centre, next to the day and date. The default set of widgets will appear as shown below:


WCH - EE Welcome screen


To view your Unread Messages, click on the number beside it which will take you to the Discussions page.

To follow-up on your Time Off Requests, click the number beside it.

To view your Shift Exchange Request, read the Unprocessed or Pending by clicking on the corresponding number.


Understanding the Welcome Menu

The Welcome menu is broken down into three sections and is user definable.

1.In this example (above) the bottom displays widgets include the Time Off Requests, Time Card Exceptions and Shift Exchanges.

2.The top of the screen may include the Company Logo or a general welcome message to the staff.

3.The middle of the screen is the Bulletin Board and may include notices for upcoming events or company news, i.e., Training Schedule reminder.



Divider Bar

You may adjust the size of the panels by moving the grey divider bar up or down.

Click and hold on the bar, then drag it up or down until you have the view you would like. This setting will be saved for the next time you log in.


WCH - Divider Bar


Shift Exchanges & Time Off Requests


Each time you make a Time Off or Shift Exchange Request it is posted to your Welcome menu so you can follow its approval progress. The number beside the Unprocessed or Pending indicates how many Shift Exchanges or Time Off Requests you have that you have not read yet.


The history of Shift Exchange Requests, however, can be seen by the Requestor by clicking on the number beside Unprocessed or Pending.


WCH - ee shift exchange widget


Clicking on the number of Unprocessed or Pending requests will take you to the appropriate requests screen.


In our example below, clicking on the 1 Unprocessed or Pending in the Shift Exchange widget, took the employee to the Shift Exchange Requests menu. From here, the employee can view the details of the Shift Exchange Request and either Accept or Deny.


WCH - EE SE link





In the centre left section of the Welcome menu, you may find corporate bulletins:


WCH - EE Bulletins


When you click on the paper image it will open on screen for you to read (see example below).


WCH - Bulletin click to open


WCH - EE bulletin opened


Click the X  exit option to close the bulletin.


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