Re-Update From Master Considerations

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Re-Update From Master Considerations

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Re-Update From Master Considerations

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Please review the following considerations and scenarios before proceeding with the process of re-Update From Master:



Deleted Master Schedule Shifts


Any deleted Master Schedule shifts will be re-added. For example, Candice works Monday to Friday. Her Friday shift is deleted; re-Update From Master will put the Friday shift back.



Modified Master Schedule Shifts


Any Master Schedule shift that has its complement modified as defined on the Company Profile (Department, Day Code, Class, Unit, Task or Position) will become a manual shift. A re-Update From Master will not add back the original non-modified shift.



Attendance Codes


Scenario #1 – No-Booking Attendance Code

A no-booking Attendance Code is added to the Active Schedule. This will cause the shift schedule on that day to become unbooked. This shift may or may not be filled. Re-updating from Master does not add the original shift back. The system considers the initial result of the applied Attendance Code. If the initial shift was filled by another employee, the Daily Schedule will not show an additional shift. If the initial shift was not filled, the Daily will also not show an additional shift, just only the original unfilled shift.


Scenario #2 – Partial Day Attendance Codes

Attendance Codes can be configured to allow employees to request a partial day off e.g., an employee wants to book sick time for 25% of a 6-19 shift but will work the other 75%.

The Daily Schedule will show the employee's shorten shift and an assigned split shift for the remaining time of the shift.

After the re-update, the original schedule will not re-appear i.e., the split shifts remain as they were.



Manual Shifts


Any manual shifts added to the Active Schedule will remain. The re-Update From Master will not however validate schedule rules while considering these manual shifts. For example, a manual shift is added in the future for Lena. Should this shift PLUS any additional Master Schedule shifts violate any schedule rules, the violating shifts will still appear as booked which may result in double booking or overlapping (see below for TSR exception).



Shift Exchanges


The re-Update From Master will consider the results of Shift Exchanges. The actual physical shifts will contribute to the schedule rules for the dates scheduled and rules for that scheduling period. By default, exchanged shifts will not contribute to overtime unless selected otherwise.



TSR - Temporary Shift Replacements


Re-Update From Master will re-validate any TSR changes. Should TSR's have been modified, we will apply those changes. Should a manual shift be booked for someone in the future that is covering a TSR, the manual shift will remain and the TSR shift will appear as an unfilled shift on the Daily.



Unfilled Shifts Resulting from Unbooking of Master Schedule Shifts


The system will consider these shifts as complements and will not consider who is working them. For example: Devon is working Monday to Friday and is terminated. The terminating action selected was to unbook all the shifts. Re-updating from Master will consider these shifts if they are filled, or the parent line is filled. Alternatively, if Devon is off sick and Bill covers her shift and then Bill becomes sick and Rosemary covers Devon’s “Original” shift, the re-Update From Master will not duplicate the shifts.



Recommendations Prior to running a Re-Update from Master


1.Run an Active Schedule Report for the period you are re-updating – be sure to include:

a.Shift Exchanges

b.Attendance Codes

2.Run an Unfilled Shift Report prior to re-updating.

3.Identify any Shift Exchanges and manual shifts from the reports.

4.Identify any Non-booking Attendance Codes.

5.Identify any TSR replacement shifts.

6.Run an Attendance History Report to ensure no codes were missed on the Active Schedule Report.

7.You are now ready to re-Update From Master.



Re-update from Master for Each Department.


1.Copy the output from the completed Update From Master screen and save it.

2.You now have the tools to cross reference any discrepancies that might have occurred during the re-update process.


This process length depends on how many Shift Exchanges, manual shifts, and attendance entries have been applied to your Active Schedule since the last Update From Master. It will be your decision to re-update certain periods or whether to complete any changes manually. During holidays such as Christmas and New Year re: updating from Master is not generally recommended due to how many manual modifications occur during this period.



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