Login and Passwords

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Login and Passwords

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Login and Passwords

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This configuration menu allows you to set up the login and password rules.

You may set the rules around the password strength used when employees are creating their passwords, how often passwords must be changed and how many failed login attempts are allowed.


Select the Config menu.

Select the Security menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Config Security


Select Login and Password


LPH - Login and Password icon


The following screen will appear:


LPH - main screen


There are two categories of login and password rules to be configured, Password Strength and Miscellaneous as defined below:


Minimum Length

Allows you to set the minimum number of characters the password must contain.


Must include Alpha / Digits

Check the applicable box(es) if you wish to require Alpha characters or Digits in the user password.


Number of previous passwords to validate against

The system will validate the new password against the specified number of previous passwords. If the new password is the same as any of these passwords (three in this example), the following warning will appear:


LPH - Password previously used


Number of failed log ins that will lock the account

The user is allowed the specified number of attempts to log in before the system will lock out this account and will post the following warning:


LPH - Account Locked


Number of days in advance to remind of a required password change

Allows you to specify how many days in advance you wish to notify the user of a required password change. In this case the following message will appear:


LPH - Password expire in x days


Keep history of log in activity

Tick here to track log in history.


Temporary (initial) password

You can allow the system to assign any temporary (initial) password. Once employees login with this temporary password, the system will prompt them to change their password.


Login Type

Click the radio button that applies to your login type.


Use Two-factor Authentication

Ticked on, this will enable the use of a verification code after the user logs into the main login screen. See Two-factor Authentication for complete details.





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