Call Responses Setup

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Call Responses Setup

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Call Responses Setup

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The Call Response(s) menu allows you to set up pre-defined call responses to track phone calls made to employees when they are called and offered available shifts.


Select the Config menu.

Select the Setup menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Config Setup


Select Call Response(s)


HTML5 - Navigate Call Responses


The following menu will appear.

Please note that all settings must be user defined. The system does not come with pre-defined responses (as shown in the image below).


CRH - Call Response main screen


Adding Call Responses


Click on the Plus icon in the toolbar and a new blank line will appear at the bottom of the grid.

Enter up to a four-character alpha-numeric Code.

Enter up to a 25-character alpha-numeric Description.

Check the corresponding box in the Auto Book column if the code means the employee has accepted the shift and should be booked in the shift automatically.

Check the corresponding box in the Auto Decline column if the code means the employee has declined the shift and will be recorded as declining the shift automatically.


In the example above you can see that the 123 – No Answer code is not checked as Auto Book or Auto Decline.  This means that the code is only being used to record that you spoke with the employee about the Schedule Availability, but no AUTOMATIC functions will take place.


Please see your StaffScheduleCare support rep to set up the Auto Decline feature which allows you to tell the system that if you add an entry that is neither Auto Book nor Auto Decline the system will consider that the employee has AUTO DECLINED the shift after the user defined number of hours.




Deleting Call Responses


To remove or delete a Call Response, click on the X icon on the toolbar.

A warning pop-up will be displayed, click Yes to continue.


HTML5 - Warning - delete history permanently lost


After clicking Yes, the screen will refresh, and the Call Response removed.




Accept / Decline Boxes


These values are used with the Mass Messaging system.

These values are used by employees when responding to Multi Texting.

CRH - Accept Decline


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