Filling Shifts - Autofill

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Filling Shifts - Autofill

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Filling Shifts - Autofill

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The schedules are used to maintain the daily and weekly complement of employees needed in your facility. The Master Schedule consists of lines created and assigned to the employees, which in turn are used to populate the Active Schedule.


Once the Active Schedule is updated from the Master, the Autofill feature can be used as a method of filling unfilled shifts using a combination of department, class, shift (Day Code), unit etc., combined with the previously configured Autofill rules, similar to the Wizard rules. Autofill is normally part of the pre-scheduling process and should be run once all vacation requests and other Time Off Requests have been processed for the scheduling period you are working on.


flag_green           Key Information   Before the Autofill can be used:

Rules must be configured.

An Update from Master MUST BE RUN.

All Time Off Requests for the scheduling period should be fully processed.


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