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Surge Learning

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Surge Learning

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The StaffScheduleCare interface to Surge Learning will download new employees as they are onboarded into the StaffScheduleCare database.

The SSC user does not have to enter new hires in both databases, but does a onetime entry to SSC.

The employee's SSC username and password are downloaded to Surge Learning to allow the employee to only need to remember one set of login credentials.


SSC can be configured to allow downloads to a maximum of three different Surge Learning databases.

Using the Facility code, employees will be downloaded to the appropriate Surge database based on the Facility code they are assigned.

Please contact the StaffScheduleCare Client Care team to implement.



What is in the Download

StaffScheduleCare will download the following information directly to Surge Learning:


Employee user name (will be either employee number or SSC badge number)

1.Employee username


3.Employee first name

4.Employee last name

5.Hire Date


System Function

If the automatic download to Surge has been setup in a client's StaffScheduleCare database the system will automatically send the above information to the Surge Learning database when a new employee has been entered.


Surge Learning system will acknowledge receiving the new employee by sending an email notification to the Surge Learning system manager. When receiving the email the user should log into Surge Learning to complete any required Surge Learning setup. This would include additional learning groups the employee needs to be assigned to.


Surge Learning has the capability to auto assign learning groups, such as ALL STAFF. Any additional groups are assigned by the user through the Surge system.


Setup Default Username

Clients may wish to use the same username in StaffScheduleCare for Surge Learning.

In the Company Profile / Interfaces / Surge Learning select the Login (username) to be the default.


By setting the Login Type to badge or Employee Number SSC will down this information as their Username.


tog_minusSurge - First Time Employee Log In