Skills Setup

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Skills Setup

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Skills Setup

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In StaffScheduleCare you can define skills to be assigned to the employees. If you use skills as part of the Call-In for shifts, you can match employees to the unfilled shifts or Temporary Shift Replacements.

Select the Config menu.

Select the Setup menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Config Setup


Select Skills.


HTML5 - Navigate Skills

The following screen will appear:

SKH - Skills main screen


Create Skill Code


To add new Skill, perform the following:


Click on the Plus icon.


A new blank line will appear at the bottom of the screen. Populate the fields for the new skill.


SKH - Skills new line



Double click in the Code field of your new line to enter the new skill code. You may use both Alpha and numeric characters to a maximum of 8.



Type a description in this column (optional). The description can consist of up to 24 alpha-numeric characters.



This column will automatically populate as employees are assigned a skill.


Click Save.



Delete Skills

To delete a skill, click on the red X icon on the toolbar. The system will warn you that the history associated with this code will lost.


Click Yes if you wish to continue.


HTML5 - Warning - delete history permanently lost


If the skill has been assigned to an employee, the system will warn you. To cancel deleting the skill, click on the X.


SKH - Dependency warning


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