Mobile - Punch In/Out

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Mobile - Punch In/Out

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Mobile - Punch In/Out

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For employees who will not have access to a Time & Attendance Terminal, our Mobile Punch feature is available.

Employees can send in/out punch times to the system through our Mobile App.

This feature is without geo-location verification functionality. It is simply a punch transaction and can be done from any location.


Mobile Punch Setup

Using a manager's login, sign into the SSC Mobile App. From the menu select the Configuration icon.

SP - mobile configuration icon

Scroll the grey toolbar at the top of the page to the right until the Punch option is displayed.

Tap on the word PUNCH.


SP - top bar



This screen allows the selection of the Mobile Punch feature.


Tap on Not in use.

SP - not in use

In the pop-up window scroll down until Mobile Punch is highlighted.

Tap OK.


SP - select Mobile Punch to turn on


The screen will refresh showing the Mobile Punch feature activated.

Use the green arrow to return to the main menu.


Mobile Punch - Employee Punch In/Out

With the Mobile Punch active an employee can log into the mobile app to send an in/out punch back to the system.

The SSC Mobile Punch feature does not require GEO location. This option can be ignored. To remove this tap on OK. On the pop-up select Do not Show Again.

SP - geo location required

On the menu tap on the Punch In icon.

SP Menu Punch In Icon


To submit the punch, tap on Save my punch.


SP - Save my punch


When the punch has been saved/submitted the app returns to the main menu.


A message is displayed confirming the punch was successful.


SP - punch done


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