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Quick Update from Master

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Quick Update from Master

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The Active Schedule has the option to allow an Update From Master action to be ran for an individual employee. To update multiple employees at once use the Update From Master option.

The employee must be assigned to a Master Schedule line. You may update the employee's Active Schedule in week intervals. i.e., 1, 2, 3 etc.


The Update From Master will be run for the employee whose name is highlighted on the Employee Panel. The selection check does not apply in this action.


ASH - UFM ee selection



The Update's start date is the selected date (highlighted in the image below) on the Active Schedule. The shifts displayed here are pink, they are default schedules. This employee's schedules are not updated to April 8th.

When the update is run, the system will update to April 8 and then from April 8 out however many weeks are requested.


ASH - UFM start date


Click on the Update From Master icon on the toolbar.


ASH - UFM icon

In the Update From Master window select the number of weeks out to update starting with April 8.

Click on Submit.


ASH - UFM window


The system provides a post processing report with information regarding the update.

Note the Addition Information. The employee's schedule was update from April 6 even though we requested April 8.

This is to avoid gaps in the Active Schedule where the schedule was not updated.


ASH - UFM post process report


The Schedule Updated To date on the employee's profile will be updated to the ending date of the update run.

In this example the end date was April 14,022.

To post this schedule to employee run Schedule Posted Date update.



ASH - UFM schedule update date on profile




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