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Web Punch

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Web Punch

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The Web Punch feature is designed to allow employees to punch in and out using a PC as opposed to a Time and Attendance terminal.

This feature also allows you to perform department and class transfers, along with multi-shift (back-to-back) end of day punches.

Manager Log in

Select the Clocks menu.

Select the Web Punch menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Web Punch


Employee Login

When employees access the Web Punch menu (or if they are automatically launched into it) they will see their Employee Data screen.

WPH - Employee punch screen



Note: When a PC is used as the Web Punch employees have 60 seconds to submit their punch data. If the 60 seconds expires, the system will log them out of the Web Punch screen so that it is available for other employees to punch in and out.


Force in/out Section

A normal in or out punch requires the employee to simply click the Submit Punch button after logging into the system and accessing the Web Punch screen.

Enter the Web Punch menu.

Click Submit Punch.

The employee will see a success message.

WPH - Successfully punch


If they are punching at a PC designated as a kiosk it will LOG THEM OUT automatically after the Success message in preparation for the next employee punching in or out.


Note: Managers can punch an employee in by selecting them from the Employee Panel and clicking Submit Punch.



Multi-Shift Punching


When employees are scheduled to work back-to-back shifts, i.e., 6-2:30 and 2:30-9, they only need to punch TWICE – once at 6:30am and then out for the day at 9:00pm.

To perform a multi-shift punch the employee will perform the following:

Enter the Web Punch screen at the beginning of the first shift, i.e., 6:30am.

Tick Submit Punch to punch in for the day.

Enter the Web Punch screen at the end of the second shift, i.e., 9:00pm.

Tick the Multi-Shift box.

Click Submit Punch.


When the system performs a Poll & Process the Multi-Shift process automatically inserts TWO 2:30pm punches, one to punch the employee OUT of the 6-2:30 shift, and the second to punch the employee IN to the 2:30-9:00pm shift as shown in the image below.



Note: The system will keep track of the Exceptions generated, i.e, this employee punched out at 19:35 (7:35pm), which was earlier than the scheduled 21:00 (9:00pm), so an Early Departure Exception was generated.


Note: The Force Out option is used only with the Job Costing module.


Important! Even though you may not be using physical time clocks for punching in and out a Poll & Process must be performed via the Task Scheduler to process the in and out punches to the Time Card, that were generated by the Submit Punch process performed on the Web Punch screen.


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