Master Schedule - Attendance Codes

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Master Schedule - Attendance Codes

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Master Schedule - Attendance Codes

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To create a Master Schedule you will need to create Master Schedule lines which will be assigned to employees and then assigned the required Master Schedule Shift information. You also have the option of adding Attendance Codes to Master Schedules shifts in cases where certain attendance events occur regularly, on specific weeks of a rotation e.g., a uniform allowance is paid every second pay period (week four of the rotation).


Select the Schedules menu.

Select the Master menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Master Schedule



This screen will appear (with existing lines where applicable). In this section we will review the Attendance and Schedules tabs (Schedules tab shown).


You may synchronize the Master Schedule with the Employee Panel by ticking on the synchronize with Employee Panel option.

When you open the Master Schedule menu the system will highlight the Master Schedule line the employee in the Employee Panel is focused on.


MSH - main screen schedules and Attendance


flag_green           Key Information Please note that configuration of Attendance Codes is required prior to adding them to the Master Schedule.


We will add an Attendance Code to Saturday of week one as follows:


Click on the Attendance tab.

Click on the Plus icon.


MSH - Attendance Action Add


The screen will refresh with a new blank line. The default view will be week one, day one (Sunday):


MSH - Attendance new line


Double click in each field to populate the information by either typing in or selecting from a drop-down list.

Select the Attendance Code from the drop-down menu.

Add the time if applicable.

Continue populating the additional fields as shown (optional).

Click Save.


We have added a Training Code to Week 1, Saturday.


MSH - Added AC


This code will now appear on the Schedules tab as well. If it is not visible, please see Active Schedule Options to activate this view.


MSH - Schedule showing new AC



Considerations regarding the adding of Attendance Codes to the Master Schedule


Both scheduling and non-scheduling codes can be used. When an Update from Master is run, non-scheduling codes will remove the employee from the shift on that day and create an unfilled shift.

System Exception Codes CANNOT be used on the Master Schedule.

Attendance Codes to be used on the Master Schedule must have Show on Master ticked on the Attendance Code Setup screen.

Attendance Codes associated with a Time Bank will reduce the bank's balance when processed to the Active Schedule.

Multiple, but different, Attendance Codes can be written to one day on the schedules.

TSR employees who pick up schedules for employees who have Attendance Codes on their Master Schedule, will not get the Attendance Code while covering the schedule. The employee that is on the leave will continue to receive it.


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