Adding, Removing & Editing

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Adding, Removing & Editing

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Adding, Removing & Editing

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The Active Schedule is populated by running an update from the Master Schedule, which contains all the daily shift information for all the weeks of each schedule rotation. The Active Schedule should be used for temporary changes only. Permanent changes should be made to the Master Schedule line the employee is assigned to.


Edits to the Active Schedule can include:


Editing Shifts, e.g. change of Day Code, department, unit, etc.

Manually Adding Additional Shifts

Removing Shifts

Attendance Entries e.g. for sick days, vacation days, etc.

Shift Exchanges



ASH - active with multiple ee's




tog_minusEditing an Existing Active Schedule
tog_minusAdding & Removing Shifts on the Active Schedule
tog_minusCopying & Pasting on Active Schedule

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