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html5 General release 27.07



Training Videos

New videos have been added to the Training Videos library. Training Videos Please see the Video under content in the Manual.



Block Booking Screen Alignment                              

The top and bottom sections of the Block Booking screen can now be aligned by date.

If the user wishes to, the FTE column has been added to the Field Visibility and can be hidden.



Attendance Code Config. Re-implement Show on Time Card column                               

If the Attendance Code is to show on the Time Card and it is not paid/As Worked (based on Paid Hours column setup in Time Card).

It should appear under the Unpaid Hours column on the Time Card.



Time Bank Report. Add Page Break by Employee Option             

Add Page Break by Employee as an option to the Time Bank Report. 



Employee Detail Report

New check box to include or exclude Employee Fields option.

Unticked the Employee fields option is disabled and not included on the report. Defaults on with New Settings option.



Delete Terminal Password                               

Found in the Personnel / Personal Information / Biometrics / Terminal tab. Delete function added.

C6.2 - Personnel - Personal Info Details  



Backward Navigation

Use the back arrows displayed beside the menu title to quickly return to your previous menu.

C11.a.3 - Menu Functions 



Time Earnings Report

Schedule Line field has been added to the Employee Field drop-down list.



Attendance Code Config - Time Bank Mode - Hours Only, Dollars Only      

Implemented two new Time Bank modes for Attendance Code to either Dollars or Time.

There is now a Time Only and Dollars Only option that can be selected under Time Bank Mode in Attendance Code Configuration.

This will restrict an Attendance Code to allowing only one value; either Time or Dollars to be deducted from a Time Bank.

Please contact the StaffScheduleCare Client Care team if you wish to configure either of these options.



Reports. Time Analysis - change Show Notes option label    

The Show Note option has been renamed to Print Blank Remark Line.

This is to avoid confusion between the displaying the Note field and providing a Note line on the report.




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Time Earning report - Selected Option -  Shift Code generated an error. 

Schedule Filter window -now opens expanded for improved viewing.

Time Card – Selecting hours with mouse. 

Personnel  / Payroll / Taxation Province field. Jumping issue.

Time Card - Hours - Complement displays as asterisk when blank. Resolved – fields now displays blank if the employee’s fields are blanked out.

Security Users - Grid behaviour - Screen jumps when using the scroll wheel in drop-downs.

Security Users – Validate max number of characters allowed on name field.

Time Bank Setup / Grid – adding new bank – line lost focus.

Exceptions – Employee panel pops up twice on first load.

Reports – Restore column reordering.

Time Earning report - Selected Option -  Shift Code generated an error.

Master Schedules- Show Totals – Hour representation. Now follows Schedule Options selected.

Active Staff Requirements – corrected order of complements.

Benefits/Deductions – Implemented Benefit as a mandatory field.

Employee Panel  - Jumping name when using the Find feature.

Daily Schedule – Column headers sync with grid using docked call-in list.

Exceptions – Employee panel opened twice with first opening.





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