Shift Exchange Wizard

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Shift Exchange Wizard

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Shift Exchange Wizard

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The Shift Exchange Wizard is used to exchange schedules between two employees.


IMPORTANT: Employees involved in a Shift Exchange must both be scheduled on the days to be exchanged.


Access the Wizard:


Select the Schedules menu.

Select the Wizard menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Wizard


From the Wizard menu select Shift Exchange.


WZH - main screen



The following menu will appear:


WZH - SE popup


Please note the Include in OT Restrictions tick box.

Unchecked means that the hours gained by the exchange will NOT contribute towards overtime.


Click in the Employee Requestor window to activate the Employee Panel.


WZH - SE open Employee Panel for Requestor


Click on the Employee.

Click Apply.


WZH - SE employee panel


Click on the Date window. The employee's scheduled days will appear bold. In our example we will select February 24th.

Click Submit.


WZH - SE Date window


Do the same for the second employee of this exchange.

Click Submit.


WZH - SE window populated


The Shift Exchange will be processed right away and appear on the schedule(s). See the employees' Active Schedule.


WZH - SE - Active Schedule




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