Adding Unfilled Shifts Wizard

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Adding Unfilled Shifts Wizard

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Adding Unfilled Shifts Wizard

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The Add Unfilled Shift option presents quick method to add a new unfilled shift.


Access the Wizard:


Select the Schedules menu.

Select the Wizard menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Wizard


From the Wizard menu select Add Unfilled Shift.


WZH - main screen


The following menu will appear:


WZH - Add shift screen


Select the date the unfilled shift should appear (top left).

Click on the drop-down arrows in each field to make your selections from the list provided.

To start your selection again, click Reset.

Once all your shift requirements have been selected, click Apply.


Mandatory fields are highlighted red. If you do not populate a required field to system will pop-up a warning.


HTML5 - Warning - Mandatory Fields


Return to the Wizard main menu and select Unfilled Shifts.

Here you can see the new shift added.


WZH - new unfilled shift


You may now proceed to fill the unfilled shift using the Wizard.



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