Time Card Exceptions

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Time Card Exceptions

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Time Card Exceptions

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Hovering over the Exception icon ExceptionIcon in the Time Card will show you what the Exception for that day is.

In the example below, the employee punched out before the end of their shift, which resulted in an ERDP-Early Departure Exception Code.


TCH - Exception on hours


Clicking on the Exception icon beside the date, will bring up a pop-up screen with the Exception information.


TCH - hours Exception popup


You can also view the Exception information under the Attendance section of the Time Card:


TCH - Exception in Attendance view


Once an Exception is approved the Exception will be removed.


TCH - Approved exception




Exception Filter


Click on the Options icon and select Exception. This allow you to choose to show only Exceptions with the following Day Code status: All, Unprocessed, Kickback, or Unprocessed or Kickback:


TCH - Exception icon


TCH - Exception ppopup list



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